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  1. so in other words , rolle in to objectives before acting
  2. I'll join Cavgunner in A23 if possible and if Cav is ok with it
  3. The Christmas War

    Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the session but hope it will be recorded so I atleast can enjoy it later. Have fun guys
  4. ETA on terrain patch?

    Not complaining. Looking forward to the update
  5. ETA on terrain patch?

    I'm very new to this game started with 4. something and when i bought it it claimed that the terrain would be amazing. I think perhaps the problem is that the Terrain Patch is still on the website as a major feature in the game. Highly praised and the current is told to be bad. Yet we still play with the old. I would suggest taking stuff off the website that we do not have or at least tell people that it in progress. We are like little kids, and when you tell us we can take as many cookies as we want, and we found out that there is no cookies only a empty box, then We get upset
  6. CPU for SB 4?

    I run i7 8700k with a 1080. Runs with no problem in 4k , everything on high graphics. The 1070TI is almost the same as a 1080, i would think. But I think it's difficult to get high frame rate in this game anyway. Like to hear what people thinks too
  7. I will unfortunately most likely no be able to make it today.
  8. UGV and UAV deployment

    Thanks a lot. I realized I'm blind
  9. UGV and UAV deployment

    Thank you Rotareneg. What is the UAV unit called. Was not able to find it. Working on a scenario where AI moves according to how many units in different regions and to act as a human. I have now deployed infantry as spotters and it might work as well as it does slow down the progress of human player. The only problem is that the UAV might be spotted as well and if that happens all data for AI disperses. Thank you for clarifying.
  10. UGV and UAV deployment

    Thank you .
  11. UGV and UAV deployment

    Hmm that is strange. Are you sure, I have been in online games where UAV's was used. Will it be in the update, soon to be ?
  12. UGV and UAV deployment

    Has this been fixed. Just tried to deploy a UAV but was unable. I even made the UAV route for AI to control it. Did not deploy. So i added UAV to own unit. Could still not deploy it. I might have done something wrong. Please advise