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  1. Will be at work so Not available, But will be a fun battle with Vis 25000m 🤘
  2. JUST

    Teamspeak Volume

    Thanks guys. Yes it would be nice with a simple way and one of my problems is also that I'm not so techy with TS. I will look in to the it some more and see what I can find out.
  3. I have been searching around to find a solution when playing and using Teamspeak. It can be a bit overwhelming when there is a lot of chatter. Is there a way where I can turn down the Volume for 1 frequency and keep my Platoon Volume. Would be nice to be able to hear company Chatter but at a lower volume. I know I can turn down volume for individual players, but that becomes a bit micromanagement. Any suggestions ?
  4. I hope to join this one. Where ever needed. Thank you.
  5. Should be 75% able to make it. Internet is up and running again. Hope to see you all sunday. Nike Where ever needed.
  6. My apologies. I will not be able to join today anyway. For some reason all internet is down in my building today. And love it when the provider says please call back tomorrow. 😡 See you guys soon. J
  7. I should be able to make it again. Wherever needed. Thanks.
  8. Hi guys. Just moved to Southern sweden and ready to fight for my new Country. I hope I can make it home on time for this one. I might be a bit late, but if possible I'll take A22.
  9. Sorry not available. Hope to join again soon.
  10. Nice mission. Thanks for sharing.
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