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  1. Should be 75% able to make it. Internet is up and running again. Hope to see you all sunday. Nike Where ever needed.
  2. My apologies. I will not be able to join today anyway. For some reason all internet is down in my building today. And love it when the provider says please call back tomorrow. 😡 See you guys soon. J
  3. I should be able to make it again. Wherever needed. Thanks.
  4. Hi guys. Just moved to Southern sweden and ready to fight for my new Country. I hope I can make it home on time for this one. I might be a bit late, but if possible I'll take A22.
  5. Sorry not available. Hope to join again soon.
  6. Nice mission. Thanks for sharing.
  7. My Computer is unavailable, due to circumstances in my control , So I will sadly not be able to join. Wish you all a wonderful mission.
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