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  1. Downloading. How nice of esim to email us that the update is available for downloads after we preordered it
  2. Can't wait to play on a good map with a high res. 1m resolution. Will be amazing. Thank you for spending so much energy and time on this.
  3. Renaming ? That's a funny solution. I will try that
  4. And Left is right ? Add and drop makes sense, but why is left and right opposite ?
  5. Was trying out the Scenaria red decision point attack (Leo2a4) Winter. In the scenario that comes with the game. I have Marders with Milan teams. But when deploying the missiles teams that have no missiles. Thought it was strange so I opened the scenario in Mission Editor to make sure the developer did intend the Milan teams to not have any ammo. To my surprise they were supposed to have Ammo, but when deploying the teams they have non. Is there a kind soul that can help with my problem as it is a bit hard to stop a rather large enemy force with no ammo Thank you.
  6. lol Thanks man. Yes I kind of knew this would be coming and I guess I walked straight in to that one. I guess I'm a bit unsatisfied with how this sim is being updated when sold to the public.
  7. Can you please describe the fix for me ? This is a mission that comes with the game and I'm not sure if it is too much to ask that things that is in game is working. Also NAI Cointose is not working . Map problem ??? Please if anything is in an update the Maps should be working or remove the bloody mission.
  8. I personally think there needs to be more focus on the maps. I just played a few of the missions that comes with Steelbeasts. Airports are placed on ground and would be impossible for any fixed wing aircraft to use as the ground is not flat and therefore the landing strip follows the ground. Bridges are not connected to the road so I have to drive every single tank over manually. This takes absolutely any joy out of this strategy brilliant sim especially when your trying to command 3 companies. A voice database would be great when making missions and a voice could give you orders or directions.
  9. I know we use Teamspeak for multiplayer. Have the use of SRS been thought off. Like in DCS it can be integrated with Unit's radio system. It also gives you control of volume on different channels and you can also decide to listen to channel 1 in left ear and 2 in right. Would be cool to have the radio working. Perhaps this should had been posted under wishlist.
  10. I'm not familiar with this ATM but don't you usually have a gunner and a helper to carry ammo. we still have to bring the whole team back to rearm. exposing the whole team, when in real life you might just send the helper to back to get more ammo.
  11. Hi guys. It's been some time. I would love to jump in a Leo2a6 if there is still room.
  12. Version 4.167


    This is a little tool to test the effect of all IED's in game. A quick and fast way to decide what IED to add to scenarios in game. Good luck
  13. Super interesting and very informative Topic. One thing i was thinking about is when driving a tank in to a corn field the high grass stays up. Was thinking if it's possible to have a layer of flattened grass and on top a layer of the standing grass. There should be a behaviour like when you driving in to a wooden fence, it just disappears. It would create a way to see a possible direction of enemy movement. Not sure if all of these would add too much processor usage ? Also when driving in to a wooden fence, there is a sound of it breaking. I remember someone asking for ambient sounds to add to realism, Could sounds be added to ground layer. Like when your inside a forest you have some ambient sounds and in a open field you might hear the wind in the tall grass ? Another question about maps. Roads are so bumpy like they were plastered on the ground. Perhaps there is no way of adjusting the ground when a road is placed on top or sometimes the road is with a of camper angel of 20%, would make it a challenge for any machine driving on it.
  14. Was not able to lunch. Map issue.
  15. Not sure if this is a similar issue. When i start up my computer, the Codemeter control center starts up. I have a licence to CmStick 2.02 Enabled . Get a green light BUT, next to esimgames i hav grey light. This all happened after installing the latest update to the game. ESIMGAMES, Says "Empty empty license container" I'm able to run the game But having this open up and I'm not sure what option to pick to activate license . I have 3 options 1. Create license request 2. Import license update 3. Create receipt Any suggestions ?
  16. I just need to get this off my chest. I have tried to be patient with this new update. I unfortunately preordered it and Had to pay a arm and a leg for my free gift. Well that was my mistake. I did not thinking that it would be shipped from the US as I actually thought it was made in Europe. Then all the scenaries I had been playing and enjoying did not work because of the new maps. I must say the new maps look amazing and I have heard that even the old will look as amazing when converted. I have tried opening up the mission editor and trying to find the new maps, but unfortunately I have not been able to find the maps there. I have then tried to find them in the new Map downloader program. Where they are not. I'm not sure if why this has been done in this way, but I'm sure there is a good explanation, but I have not been able to play the game and hope that perhaps an update will be around the corner or that all these great scenarios will be converted to the new version as I'm not able to do so. feel I wasted a lot of money atm.
  17. Perhaps it's just me who do not understand this. I made a clean install of the new SB, and maps are not working and we are all to make conversions of the maps. I have downloaded missions from this site and I understand that these missions are made for earlier versions, But could these maps not have been updated to the new version so it would just run smoothly. I basically only use PC for this game so asking me to select the right hight/ter file and find it becomes a bit much. Anyone have the converted maps for a Noob like me. I would really appreciate it. Thank you Just
  18. Is it not possible to have, on a waypoint, the condition Embark if unit is (Unit name) and split the unit that way ? I have used this for infantry but of cause I have to embark them at the waypoint. Would be a nice feature to have the option to split up a unit.
  19. Will be at work so Not available, But will be a fun battle with Vis 25000m 🤘
  20. JUST

    Teamspeak Volume

    Thanks guys. Yes it would be nice with a simple way and one of my problems is also that I'm not so techy with TS. I will look in to the it some more and see what I can find out.
  21. I have been searching around to find a solution when playing and using Teamspeak. It can be a bit overwhelming when there is a lot of chatter. Is there a way where I can turn down the Volume for 1 frequency and keep my Platoon Volume. Would be nice to be able to hear company Chatter but at a lower volume. I know I can turn down volume for individual players, but that becomes a bit micromanagement. Any suggestions ?
  22. I hope to join this one. Where ever needed. Thank you.
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