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  1. 21 hours ago, Ssnake said:

    Look in "Other" ... UAV. That's the "Sperwer" lookalike (which however has different performance characteristics than the actual Sperwer) which will circle the battlefield as a unit.


    The micro-UAV is a property of the infantry platoon as optional equipment ("Options" ... UAV or UGV).


    Finally, in the Mission Editor, right-click an empty location on the map and select "New UAV route" for the video playback option during the planning phase.

    Thanks a lot. I realized I'm blind :D 

  2. 43 minutes ago, Rotareneg said:

    Don't forget there are three different "UAVs" in SB: The UAV unit, the infantry deployed micro UAV, and the UAV route. It sounds like you're asking about the micro UAV as you mention trying to deploy it. The issue is that currently only a platoon leader can carry the micro UAV or UGV, so if there isn't a platoon leader in the vehicle, there's no micro UAV or UGV.


    The UAV route is for adding aerial recon to a scenario's planning phase. If you put a UAV route in a scenario you can view a simulated UAV overflight during planning that will show enemy units, etc.

    Thank you Rotareneg. 

    What is the UAV unit called. Was not able to find it. Working on a scenario where AI moves according to how many units in different regions and to act as a human.

    I have now deployed infantry as spotters and it might work as well as it does slow down the progress of human player. 

    The only problem is that the UAV might be spotted as well and if that happens all data for AI disperses.

    Thank you for clarifying. 

  3. 45 minutes ago, Ssnake said:

    The bug report was filed, and I believe it has been fixed, but the update has not yet been published.


    Hmm that is strange. Are you sure, I have been in online games where UAV's was used. 

    Will it be in the update, soon to be ?

  4. Has this been fixed. Just tried to deploy a UAV but was unable. I even made the UAV route for AI to control it. Did not deploy. So i added UAV to own unit. Could still not deploy it.

    I might have done something wrong. Please advise

  5. Not sure if this is related to the same issue.

    I just upgraded my system. 

    running s i7 8700k with Geforce 1080 and a 4K monitor.


    I Fired op SB pro pe and I'm very happy. Everything is running smoothly, my only Issue is the text menus are now so small that it is hard to read or the text is on top of each other.

    In Mission editor it is almost impossible to create Actions/Behaviors  as menu is all bunched together and hard to see what to click.

    Also top menu is "cropped"

    Is there a work around for this issue ?



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