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  1. Hi Guys. Where needed, but there is a small chance I might not make it. Just a heads up. Hope to see you all tomorrow. Just
  2. Ok now it makes more sense I will try it out. Then it will make more sense. I guess I'm more of a hands on guy . Thanks again.
  3. Thank you Gibsonm. Yes this will for sure help me. Why mils ? or can this be changed to a working number. Just did a Search for what a Mil is, and it just made me more confused. a unit of length equal to 0.001 of an inch (0.0254 mm), used in measuring the diameter of wires. a military unit of angular measurement equal to the angle subtended by 1/6400 of a circumference. (less accurately) the angle subtended by an arc equal to 1/1000 (0.001) of the radius or distance.Perhaps Or it a misspelling of Miles ? if it is miles, can this be altered in pref. t
  4. Thank you guys. That was a lot of fun. Looking forward to the video I have to work with my direction when spotting. is there not a kompas in a Tank or to much metal ? My call was only 1Km off . Some spotting well actually I assumed they were in the same spot as spotted before. My mistake. Perhaps some one has a good solution to be better at pointing out locations ? Again Thank you.
  5. Sorry for pulling out early had a Computer meltdown. looking forward to see the video
  6. Was looking forward to this video. Damn. Is there someone here who can write a Message in "Lawyer Language" that is ALWAYS posted with video's posted online. So this way there will never be an issue for any player in this game.
  7. Is there still room in the A2 Tank Platoon ? Do speak Danish if needed and need a helping hand for sure.
  8. A Sq is Recon. Right? Sounds good to me. What is the normal survival time in war 10 min I will practice in a VEC and get familiar with it. See you all tomorrow
  9. Thank you Assassin 7. Did read it some time ago, but always good to refresh it and I for sure have made the waypoint way to spread out (more then 1K). As a old Infantry guy, I just wondered why a column of PC's Marching forward and getting under attack, would not dismount infantry. I for sure would jump out if I was under fire sitting in the back of a truck. I guess these Steel Beasts Soldiers have some big balls What condition would work for this or am I asking for the impossible. Would love to create a situation, and have AI (Enemy) dismount and take suita
  10. Hi Assassin 7. Yes I have watched all of them and they give a good basis introduction to creating a scenario. I"m looking for more in depth info as it is a bit annoying when a action as simple as Unload troops if unit THIS is under direct fire OR indirect Fire, is not working. If an Action is not possible, whey is it there. My problem is that I lack a fundamental understanding of the "rules" of the system and what is possible and what is not possible. How does a AI unit react to this or that. Why is it not possible to unload troops (unit B) when Unit A is under fire or d
  11. Hi All. I have been reading thru the posts on this page, trying to create a scenario design. Thanks to all of you who created lots of help, but there must be a manual for this. It can not only be try and error. I did spend some money on this sim. Most links in this thread are old and not working. Some things are not working at all. fx. i ordered a APC to unload troops if under fire. Did Not work, I told the same APC to unload Troops if another unit was under fire OR destroyed. Did not work. I'm having a hard time finding solutions on how to make Enemy show some sort of r
  12. Hi Guys. I'm new here and I have been looking the height markers as on a RL map. Sometime there is no time for taking a walk in the operation area to find out if it's going up or down, and I have sadly miss read the map plenty of times, with somewhat deadly results. I read somewhere that it is possible to turn on height marker numbers, but unable to find it. Also been told that perhaps this feature is not in the PE version. True ? Thank you
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