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  1. Thanks everyone for your help, all good now. After installing the map delta everything works, the original, the modded version I made of it, the themes, the map changes. It's exactly as it should be now... they didn't even need converting, they just "opened" once the correct delta was in place.
  2. Thanks, Assassin 7 sent me a zip with the mission (for 4.1) and a few more which was nice. There a lot of those Tanks missions but MDF / Paladin's version was my fave. The version I have now works ok, but it was generated without the original terrain file, so lacks the roads and farms etc. I had my own modded version of it too. For some reason I can't convert them, I have converted a few others successfully and whoever made the 4.1 compatible version obviously converted it successfully. Ideally I'd like to get the original terrain file and create a new delta, and extract the original theme, but that might be require going back to 4.0 to get them, and Im not sure SB would cope with two installs.
  3. Sorry guys, I'm desperately looking for a version of the Tanks! Again v2 that will work in 4.1. I've tried converting it but it won't work as the original map is embedded and I don't have the .ter file. I know someone has done it successfully because there are some recent YouTube vids of it running in 4.157. If anyone has it could they upload it somewhere please. I've just come back to the game and am trying to relearn the tanks etc and it was a great learning tool because of the way you could pick from a big list of tanks. Failing that the original Tanks! Again v2.ter would suffice I think, I could probably convert it then. Thanks, Jace
  4. The above picture from Mirzayev is a misrepresentation (deliberate or not) of what I was suggesting. Nor did I mention anything about enemy vehicles. In fact, I thought it might be more useful as an indicator as to nearby friendlies that are hit or knocked out, giving the player a visual clue of the direction of threat prior to the AAR. On enemy vehicles, they wouldn't be visible at the ranges you usually engage them. They would be tiny textures, with normal maps stuck over the tank texture much like the current decals. The game records where these would go already. It was just a suggestion.
  5. * Hit / Ricochet and Penetration decals similar to combat mission series, but they would probably look weird on ERA blocks. It would give a nice visual indication while in play of where a vehicle was struck, how many rounds hit it, how lucky / unlucky / beat up / damaged etc a vehicle is.
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