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  1. Sorry for the late answer, gunner. I tried commanding this week-end and I'm still bad at it
  2. Nearly-free gunner for hire ! (paid in beer pints or gun shells )
  3. Very pleasant mission. Hard (for me) but very nice ! Just one thing to add :
  4. Know I'm late Was sick, unsure I would be in good shape ^^Anyone want's a gunner?
  5. Gunner in Leo, anyone who needs one, not confident in my multitasking yet ^^
  6. Thanks ! As it was said, not having to drive the tank helps a lot ! Very good commanding sir !
  7. Btw for the front page rooster, not in a team and french Looking forward to shred some steel with you Assassin Afraid to do shit, but hop I'll meet your standards
  8. So, out of despair I unsinstalled everything (redistribuables and SB, but not CM) and after a reboot and a fresh install everything now works fine. Probably some corrupted files.... Back to the beasts
  9. I didn't, but updated and still nope @pvtkramer : that's the thread that initially put me on tracks, but I don't have OneDrive running, that's odd....
  10. Well I had another thought wich was... Patch tuesday. So I'll wait for a developper advice before uninstalling/reinstalling anything. I'm not in a hurry (despite the time limited licence ) I agree that the stick was pure coincidence but;....
  11. Hello everyone, so I'm facing a "small" problem here, SB crash on startup after installing my CmStick (firmware upgraded and license installed) I still own a time-limited licence (both show up in CM and Web admin), and until yesterday everything was fine. So today I decided to install my licence on the CmStick and suddenly the game crash on startup. Here are the things I ttied : -remove the stick to play with the time limited license : no luck -run as admin, and with various compatibility things : no luck -VC++ redistribuables should be up to date (I tried to reinstall them, but the installer won't let me as they are up to date) -Checked multiple times that windows was up to date. This is the error message from the event viewer : And this is the latest log from SB : Latest dump attached. Seeing the dll at fault I tried to delete/reinstall it, no luck, but not sure of my source (another computer from my house) I'm not good at reading dumps, so maybe there's an info I'm missing. The sfc /scannow show no error when running. Antivirus is NOT running. After checking the forums for info I sumbled upon a chinese language issue (well, I'm in French locale, but it worked fine until yesterday) and the VCC++ redistribuable issue (wich are up to date, and I'm hesitant to reinstall them as I don't see why the hell installing a licence on a CmStick could mess with those things, but if required I'll go through that.) DxDiag attached for system specs (win 10 x64) If anything more is required, please state so. By advance, thank you for your help. SBProPE64cm.exe.11892.dmp DxDiag.txt
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