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  1. Sean

    Install Problem

    Most browsers mercilessly kill pop ups unless you specifically allow them on a per site basis in your settings.
  2. Sean

    Install Problem

    No one wants to read documentation any more, or generate it for that matter! 😉. Glad you got it working. What can I do to improve the downloads page to avoid this confusion - keeping in mind that if there are too many words, no one will read it.
  3. This is done, everything seems to be working ok.
  4. Hi, The wiki is currently down for upgrades. Thanks!
  5. Hi, I've upgraded the site, post here if something is broken.
  6. I think that you will fight a never ending battle trying to install both those versions. I'm guessing you are trying to run the unconverted SB3 tutorials, because you installed SB4 first, then SB3 overwrote the tutorials folder with its own tutorials. They both will want to install their tutorial files in common appdata. Because the maps data is stored in different folders, you might get away with it if all you are running are downloaded scenarios that you have kept separate. Its simply not going to work with the tutorials without a bunch of hoop jumping.
  7. The detail work in the screenshots is impressive!
  8. This is an intermittent error that goes away on its own. Try again in a hour.
  9. Thanks, that helps!
  10. Can you remember at what point this happened? Thanks!
  11. In the 90s, I spent a lot of time playing air warrior, the first true massive multiplayer platform. The tanks in it were super simplistic. It performed decently over dial up modems and had in game voice comms, multiple mannable gun positions in the same aircraft, etc. At its peak, around 150 people could be in the same world at once. I think the AW crew was involved with several other sims, like warbirds and aces high. Some of them possibly went on to being involved with ww2 online? I bought WW2 online right after it came out. What a disaster it was - it was clear that someone there wanted to to just ship it before it was anywhere near done. I remember it had limits on how many other players you could see in your bubble, so many times you would just die when someone you could not see shot you. They tried to fix the damage as quickly as possible and didn't charge a subscription fee initially, but the launch probably hurt them badly.
  12. Even in the best of times, numerous shipments to South Africa were "lost". Right now, South Africa's postal service is not accepting anything from several countries, so I think you'll find any incoming shipment difficult to manage right now.
  13. Sean

    4.167 Posted

    Its not a folder - its a possibly previously installed application that should typically be uninstalled with programs and features in the windows control panel. Uninstall the old app from there. Sort the apps by publisher by clicking on the column header, then look at all the apps from esimgames.
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