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  1. https://www.esimgames.com should work
  2. OK, how about now?
  3. Does it work in chrome?
  4. Please send a email to shipping at esimgames com with everything you can remember about your order, so it can be looked up, and license ticket forwarded.
  5. I'll explain. The initial event posted will have the time conversion done correctly for everyone else to see. If you hit the button in the event to make it repeating, all the follow on "repeated" incidents of the same event will have the time zone conversion done wrong. The developer has figured out what went wrong and it will be fixed in a later release, the work around for now is to post one event at a time.
  6. Sean

    Site visuals

    Thanks. Seems like a good chunk of the USA got snow for the holiday!
  7. I've applied some patches, has the TGIF for the 30th moved to the 31st?
  8. Well, that sucks, because that is the new event. Only the first instance of repeating events show correctly, all the follow on ones are wrong.
  9. OK - sounds like the key is to delete the old event and create a new one. Then the time zone works correctly. I started a new TGIF entry starting on Dec 23.
  10. Please join us for a weekly multiplayer battle every friday at 9pm CST. Extensive experience is not required, everyone is welcome. Doing some of the tutorials is strongly recommended. If its your first time to join, please join us a bit early on teamspeak. Enter the teamspeak server IP and the port 9987. The server ip will be given out when its time to start.
  11. That one is right for me. I added a new one called test. Does it show up as saturday for you?
  12. Can you try making a new event at roughly the same time? Does it have the same problem?
  13. I just installed the latest version, which supposedly had changes to the calendar. Can someone please post another screenshot with the messed up calendar entry along with their time zone for reference?
  14. I reported this to the invision developers some time ago, I was told it was on the list to be fixed. I'll ask again.
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