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  1. You can't change the round type from the gunners position, all you can do is index the round that the commander has called out. I don't think the shift key is involved in the default binding. From the commanders position, you can select the round type with del. If the wrong ammo is loaded, and you want to pick something else, you can double tap the correct round type to tell the gunner to take the current round out and put the correct one in.
  2. Is it the first controller in the list in windows? I think it has to be controller 0.
  3. Congrats. Hope you get some sleep in the next few months.
  4. I've installed the latest version of the forum today. The forum is set back to the default until I can straighten out issues with the customized theme. Thanks!
  5. Sean

    TGIF Battle


    Hi, Typically we use whatever the newest version of pro pe is. Thanks!
  6. Were on it. Thanks for the report.
  7. This should be resolved now. Thanks for the feedback!
  8. Should be running now.
  9. This site will have a few hours of downtime sometime in the next 3 days for migration to new server infrastructure. Thanks
  10. The TS3 server has been updated, it's likely you'll be forced to upgrade your client in order to connect. Thanks
  11. Teamspeak is upgraded to the latest version now, everyone will have to update their client in order to connect.
  12. Personal matters should be handled via PM. Thanks!
  13. Sean

    WIKI snafu's

    When the wiki sent you a email, did it have a email confirmation link? In any case, I think it should work now.
  14. Sean

    WIKI snafu's

    Zero - the wiki should have sent you some login details. Let me know if you did not get them.
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