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  1. I removed all the categories from the single player missions. It's ultimately up to the scenario developer to explain what their scenario is about and to give downloaders some idea of what they are getting. Forcing the submitter to fill out extra fields and doing categorizing by mission size was tried in the past and it did not work out. I think the best bet at this point is to use the tag system along with the description to let folks know what they are getting. I added tag suggestions to the single player category for single_tank, platoon, company, battalion, and brigade.
  2. I'll work on getting them organized. It does not let you search by the pro pe version yet.
  3. Hi, I'm upgrading the forum, the theme will be reset to the default (white/blue) for a while, possibly a day or two. Thanks!
  4. Hope every has a Merry Christmas!
  5. Hi, The next TGIF will be 8 JAN Have a Merry Christmas!
  6. I see it in the standard maps. The error is because the archive is corrupted somehow, either the download was corrupted coming down, or a antivirus program is corrupting it.
  7. Only if you want to convert an old scenario that has a map that we did not convert to the new format. The legacy map uninstaller under programs and features should remove these.
  8. Most browsers mercilessly kill pop ups unless you specifically allow them on a per site basis in your settings.
  9. No one wants to read documentation any more, or generate it for that matter! 😉. Glad you got it working. What can I do to improve the downloads page to avoid this confusion - keeping in mind that if there are too many words, no one will read it.
  10. This is done, everything seems to be working ok.
  11. Hi, The wiki is currently down for upgrades. Thanks!
  12. Hi, I've upgraded the site, post here if something is broken.
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