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  1. When setting up a bridge crossing, be sure to separate your platoons by some distance to make sure they are not jumbled up and out of order. Get each platoon into column formation well before the bridge, then send them across one platoon at a time. It's sounding like everything is driving slowly because a vehicle in your platoon is still stuck behind the bridge, and the rest of the platoon is waiting for it to catch up. Split up the platoon in the map to see where it is.
  2. The sb pro pe installers should include the latest codemeter runtime and install or upgrade them when it runs.
  3. I would make sure the computer is actually using the good card and not an integrated graphics setup.
  4. 4.259 is posted over at esimgames.com, read the release notes for all the fixes and changes. https://www.esimgames.com/?page_id=1607 Many thanks to the developers and beta testers for their hard work!
  5. Sure. Renamed to Invision Blue!
  6. Down at the bottom left corner of the forum, hit the theme dropdown, then switch to dispersion-deploy.
  7. From what I can see: Inbox has threads that contain all the messages involved in a conversation going in both directions. That history stays there until I delete it. There are some filters I can use to filter by who started the conversation, but they don't apply per folder. So I don't think there would be any way to simulate an outbox. I can add additional folders, and move message threads to those folders. It's been long enough that I cannot remember what the previous version of forum software did with the messages.
  8. Open up a web browser and enter "what is my ip" into the search box. That is the ip you should be giving to your friends.
  9. Great! There is a thread at the top of the support forum about avast. Maybe there will be a permanent fix in there.
  10. Ok, this is great news. Your codemeter stick is ok, and the licenses are there. What is the exact error when you start steel beasts?
  11. Click on the entry on the top, the one that says <no name>. What does that show?
  12. ssnake email: Please contact me only via email (my user name here @ my avatar picture .com)
  13. What shows up if you hit "all container" in the webadmin menu?
  14. The easy way is to post the map to the downloads area here: https://www.steelbeasts.com/files/category/137-map-packages-41/ Then the map will get posted to the map server. Your friends will get prompted to download the map if they have the map package manager installed when they open the scenario.
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