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  1. Update: vendor supplied patch has fixed this issue. Thanks for the feedback.
  2. Ben, Try downloading the file, and then responding to a review. If that works, then its a bug that has already been reported. Thanks!
  3. It should work now.
  4. If kaspersky is acting as a proxy, and "reading" all your web traffic, that could be causing this.
  5. Make sure every one is on the same sb version. Also make sure the ports are forwarded to the correct internal ip address of the pc running sb. I dont see it listed at all in your config, but maybe the column you blanked out is mislabelled? Usually it would be something like 192.169.0.x.
  6. Go to the search box next to the start button, and then type services.msc. Hit enter. Scroll down to "CodeMeter Runtime Server". Is it marked as running or stopped? If stopped, right click it and choose start. Is there a error message then?
  7. This has strayed far from the death into the bayonet, and into politics.
  8. I had a tank with damaged ammo storage yesterday, and was still able to fire the round that was already in the tube.
  9. Assuming all the options are checked, the bundle installer will download each of these, and then install them one by one. It will wait for each component installer to finish before executing the next one. All I can think of is that once the pro pe installer was done and the codemeter runtime installed, the rest of it was accidentally cancelled.
  10. There is no external server involved with hosting a game. When the game is set to host, the server listens on port 2300 or 2400 udp for people to join. The host should be able to run "netstat -an" from the command prompt and see that your pc is listening on one of those ports - means its listening on all available IPs. The host would need to know the IP that hamachi has assigned it (not the external ip or internal ip, the hamaichi assigned ip), and give that to the other players. The other players would also have to be connected to hamachi, and input that ip into the ip box in pro pe. If that is not working, then you have something else blocking, like windows defender firewall or the firewall of some antivirus.
  11. Sendowl does not send spam emails. They send out the license email when a purchase is made, and in this case, they send out a email to people that made a purchase that a free upgrade is available. We can't make any guarantees that everyone will get the email, and we don't have total control over where the email comes from or how its generated because its generated from them. They have their own infrastructure, their own email setup, and their own controls. If the email said it came from esimgames, but all the dns settings used to verify email sources say it comes from sendowl, then it will definitely be tagged as spam, so that would be a mistake. Entire boring books could be written on this spammy subject, but hopefully that explains it better.
  12. Sendowl is part of the web store, its a digital license provider. Not a advertising site.
  13. I waited a few days before sending this out. It's a legit email. Not everyone reads the website, and this is a way to reach them and let them know a new version is available. The content of the email was reworked to try to explain it a little better, but I understand when people are suspicious these days!
  14. It's definitely a network issue. Did you try clearing the external source port field in your firewall rules? I've haven't used hamachi in years, but when I did, it worked with pro pe.
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