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  1. First thing to try is to temporarily disable your AV software before installing. If you have left "Keep installers on disk" checked, then there should be a file called "SBMapPackageInstaller.exe" in the same folder you executed the bundle installer from. Try running that manually.
  2. There should be two emails, one with the order confirmation, and the other that has the license link. Have both arrived by now?
  3. That map is exactly the same as the last one that was there. Someone requested that I package and post the map to the sb.com map server so that they could easily use it in a scenario. When I initally ran the package tool against the files, it only built a base map package. I posted that thinking I was done. I had to run it again the next day and point it directly to the delta to package that separately. I left a note stating that I uploaded it to the map server, but maybe standard users don't see it.
  4. That package only had the base map, the delta had to be uploaded separately. Try: 83b496f3-2e61-490c-99c1-9af48903c8e2 instead.
  5. Sean

    Temp Lic. Expired

    Plug in the codemeter stick. Open up the email that had the license link in it and open up the link in a browser. Click the picture of the codemeter stick, then follow the prompts to install the permanent license. That should do it!
  6. The best option is to continue using the timed licenses.
  7. Yes, I've been working on this. Thanks!
  8. A fix is available here: https://www.esimgames.com/?page_id=1607
  9. It's more than just an expired certificate. Errors like this happen when there is a web server misconfiguration.
  10. The downloads are posted to the downloads section on esimgames.com. Enjoy!
  11. Sean

    License Issue

    Not much to go off of here, but I'll throw out some questions * Make sure that Pro PE is installed first, you are talking about the codemeter control center, so I am assuming this is done. * What is the exact error message he is seeing, and what browser is being used? Anything modern should work. If it won't activate then try another browser.
  12. I think most installer related questions have been figured out here, but I'll throw this in: even if you select another drive to put your files on, you'll need a good deal of space on your c drive temporarily, because that is where the installer will decompress the files while its working with them.
  13. It looks like you got it working, but for the next person that sees this: It's executed the legacy maps installer and is waiting for the user to hit next on that window. That window should have popped up into focus, but might have been in the background for some reason. Try alt tabbing to find it.
  14. Hi, You can leave it installed, a new license will reactivate it, no need to uninstall. Same thing applies with the stick - you'll be sent a license ticket for a one month license along with the permanent license to be put on the stick once it arrives.
  15. The bundle installer will not download or attempt to reinstall the maps package if it is already found to be installed, since nothing has changed in it.
  16. There are ways to juggle multiple versions and make it work. I wouldn't recommend it for the average user, though. Most folks should uninstall the old version and install the new one. The bundle installer will handle running the uninstaller.
  17. Sean

    is this legit

    Yes - a new version of the bundle downloader was posted to sendowl, the digital distribution service that the webstore uses. It's also available on the esimgames.com downloads area.
  18. Depending on how you do the firewall exception, the windows firewall will have to be checked and exceptions reapplied every time there is a new exe.
  19. The new downloads are now posted to the downloads page!
  20. Welcome back! We have a campaign going on on Friday nights, you should check it out.
  21. Sean


    Hi, What happens if you try a different browser or computer? Do you have a AV software that is acting as a web proxy? Thanks!
  22. Sean


    Hi, Any details would be helpful, like when did it happen, what exactly were you doing at the time, etc. Thanks!
  23. Hi, Correct - attachments to forum posts and messenger threads are separate. Files posted for download in the downloads area don't show up in the interface we are discussing.
  24. Thanks for all the help with this, it's made a big difference. Quite a bit of disk storage saved.
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