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  1. Hi, Correct - attachments to forum posts and messenger threads are separate. Files posted for download in the downloads area don't show up in the interface we are discussing.
  2. Thanks for all the help with this, it's made a big difference. Quite a bit of disk storage saved.
  3. Sean


    Hi, The new engagement stuff is in addition to the old stuff, all the old awards should be there and have never been removed. Thanks!
  4. The priority is huge files. 300MB AAR files from 2018 that no one is going to look at again. Scenario files and maps that were posted as tests, or passed back and forth in private messenger threads. Deleting individual screenshots are probably not worth the effort, but you can if you want to.
  5. Hi, If you click your forum name right under the forum banner, and choose "my attachments", you'll be presented with a list of attachments you have made over the years. If some of these attachments are no longer of any use, then please delete them. Thanks!
  6. What do you propose? Some people are always going to ask for advise on good scenarios, rather than reading the descriptions.
  7. There are 45 scenarios in the single player section - nothing is getting lost there. They were divided up previously into categories, but folks didn't seem to like easy/difficult as categories. Everyone is looking for something different, so categorizing on just one aspect might not be helpful. New files are promoted on the main page, not sure what else I can do to promote them more, other than maybe automatically spawning a thread in the scenario forum?
  8. Thanks for the feedback. I removed the links to prevent abuse and unpinned the post.
  9. There is a way to allow http links again, but the result will be browsers may mark any such page as "dangerous" by removing the lock icon in the address bar on that page.
  10. I can't see the original example where it failed any more, but this is something to consider: When I drag and drop the image from explorer, it works. When I try to paste the same image from flickr via link, it tells me that I can't paste http images, and that it has to be https. If you change your flickr image link to use https, does it work then?
  11. Got it. Looking at it now.
  12. I was able to fix the tags, but I can't make out what was supposed to be at the bottom of Gibson's thread by looking at the original post.
  13. Hi there, you should have at least two or three emails. Please check your spam folder. Thanks!
  14. Hi, You should have two emails, an order confirmation and a license email containing a link to activate the license. Open the license email and use the bundle installer linked there to install the software, then go to the license link in that email to activate the license. That should get you started. Thanks!
  15. Sean


    It came with a forum update. Trying to wrap my head around it now, but your "rank" goes up based on activity - thanking users for helpful posts, using the icon at the bottom right of every post, reviewing downloads, etc.
  16. The bundle installer does not do anything with the maps package because it has never changed. If you tick the checkbox for it, and it sees it is already installed, it will say it's up to date and do nothing. What has appeared to happen is that the maps package was uninstalled from programs and features, and it's gone now. What you have there right now is what the Pro PE installer has put there. The Bergen map was added after the maps package was done, so it was decided to put it in with the Pro PE installer so folks don't have to deal with a huge download to get it. Run the bundle installer, and tick the boxes for the maps package, and save the installer files at the bottom and run it. When it asks what path to put the files in, make sure its pointed to the path in your screenshot above.
  17. Do you have Nahimic installed? If so, can you uninstall it, reboot, and try again?
  18. Install files and release notes are posted here: https://www.esimgames.com/?page_id=1607 Thanks to all who worked on this release!
  19. When setting up a bridge crossing, be sure to separate your platoons by some distance to make sure they are not jumbled up and out of order. Get each platoon into column formation well before the bridge, then send them across one platoon at a time. It's sounding like everything is driving slowly because a vehicle in your platoon is still stuck behind the bridge, and the rest of the platoon is waiting for it to catch up. Split up the platoon in the map to see where it is.
  20. The sb pro pe installers should include the latest codemeter runtime and install or upgrade them when it runs.
  21. I would make sure the computer is actually using the good card and not an integrated graphics setup.
  22. 4.259 is posted over at esimgames.com, read the release notes for all the fixes and changes. https://www.esimgames.com/?page_id=1607 Many thanks to the developers and beta testers for their hard work!
  23. Sure. Renamed to Invision Blue!
  24. Down at the bottom left corner of the forum, hit the theme dropdown, then switch to dispersion-deploy.
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