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  1. The 4.159 patch is now available, along with an updated maps downloader and an optional legacy maps installer. Updated release notes are posted as well. https://www.esimgames.com/?page_id=1607
  2. If you have a brand new "Base" map, or a "Delta" map based on an existing base map, read below on how public distribution of your 4.1+ map submission will be handled. Submitting Maps: 1. Zip or RAR the folder containing your map package. If it is a delta map, then Zip/RAR the appropriate delta map folder inside the base map's "deltas" folder. If it is a new base map (ie. if its a completely new height map), then Zip/RAR the base map folder. The path will be different based on where you chose to put the maps when you ran the maps installer. 2. Submi
  3. If that location agrees with what Options-> File Paths has for the map location then it should be ok in theory. Try running the included missions before trying to download old scenarios. If the mission was not edited and set up for 4.1, it won't work without editing. There is a tutorial here:
  4. Open map editor. Select "open default map". File -> Map Package from HGT. Pick a legacy height map. (Volcano posted a zip with a bunch of them in another thread). It will convert the height map to the new format. Then you can start from scratch painting terrain. Publish the map, then you are done. You can also edit an existing map, then choose save as new delta package, then publish. It does work differently now, but once you wrap your mind around it, its not too bad.
  5. Pro PE now uses video ram to a far greater extent than it used to. Intel integrated graphics has no RAM of its own, it uses a chunk of your system RAM. You may try allocating a bigger chunk of your system RAM to the integrated graphics card in the BIOS.
  6. Interesting. Can you tell us your cpu, ram amount, video card, and video ram amount?
  7. Please gather up details on your system such as graphics driver version and graphics details settings in steel beasts. Have you tried reducing road rendering detail to the minimum in the graphics settings?
  8. Right click the codemeter icon in the tray open the web interface to see if you have a 4.1 license in the list. The license shows as activated so hopefully its there.
  9. You need them if you want to run any of the built in scenarios without a lot of extra work. They can be installed anywhere.
  10. All the old scnearios are there. I have run most of them, they seem to work without having to convert the map.
  11. This is probably a obvious question, are your graphics drivers recent?
  12. What exact folder did you copy into on the D drive? What is the path?
  13. No, sorry. They are a different format.
  14. News Post: https://www.esimgames.com/?p=2921 Updated Downloads Page: https://www.esimgames.com/?page_id=1607 Enjoy!
  15. All pre orders domestic and international were shipped on Friday July 26. They may arrive as quickly as today. All other standard (non pre) orders will ship around 8/3.
  16. What AV are you using? Some of them don't turn "off" when you think you have them turned "off".
  17. Pro pe handles it. If you tell the map installer the path where to store them, the pro pe installer will remember that.
  18. We are working out a system to submit maps here and have them posted on the public map server for public consumption. The map tool does not send height data directly to the map server to share with everyone, its intended to mainly work in the other direction - distribution.
  19. I'm 90% sure there is a dependency on c++ runtime, which gets installed with the pro pe installer. Try again once the pro pe installer is installed and it should work.
  20. Once the maps are decompressed, they take up more space. We were close enough to using the entire usable space of a 16gb stick that we went with a 32gb one instead.
  21. That was the worst case scenario. It could be earlier than that.
  22. The map download package manager does not download all the maps for you. That is what the big download is for. Its really for future use for map distribution down the line. Its designed to get one map package at a time.
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