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  1. Just out of curiosity, can dismounted engineers repair damaged/destroyed bridges in the game? Or is a scenario too short timewise for engineers to realistically repair a damaged/destroyed bridge?
  2. I think I had that issue happen in previous versions, where a lone OPFOR soldier bunkering down in a building would be able to take down several squads of my infantrymen (and tanks if he had a RPG-7 with him). When I sent squads of infantry to assault the building, they either refuse to enter the building because they didn't think there was anyone there (and then be destroyed outside the building by that OPFOR soldier) or if they went in, the lone OPFOR soldier would just have a field day as my assaulting infantrymen are completely clueless as to his presence. But it seems that this issue only appeared once in a while and not regularly/frequently, so I am not sure if I pressed the right (or wrong) buttons to cause this kind of result.
  3. Ssnake, Just wanted to say a big thank you for you and your staff's hard work on this update! Greatly appreciate it!
    Excellent scenario. Really liked the end, however, the scenario ended just as things got interesting towards the end for BLUFOR. Two recommendations: 1. Give a little bit more time before the scenario ends when BLUFOR gets to the objectives 2. Give BLUFOR some mine clearing assets. It was a bit frustrating that BLUFOR didn't have the capability to breach minefield(s).
  4. Apocalypse, your scenarios are just plain awesome! I just need to remember to comment. Sometimes, one just gets all excited about the scenario, plays it and is so into the scenario that they forget to comment... 😅 But big time thank you! All in all, great scenarios and I look forward to seeing more of them!
  5. So I have noticed that most of the threads in the multiplayer engagement forum do not have the actual scenarios and those scenarios are not in the Downloads section either. (especially for the older postings, though I have noticed that the recent authors of the multiplayer engagement forum posts have started attaching their scenarios) Is there a place where one can go to get those scenarios, or are they strictly allowed for multiple player engagement games?
  6. Big time thank you to the esim team! Calling this game impressive is an understatement in my opinion. Looking forward to the new features next month! 🤩
  7. Thank you for the info! That will save me some fire support missions in future games. 😅
  8. Could artillery strikes on a minefield disable the mines located there? If so, would the type of artillery rounds matter? (ie, HE vs ICM vs Rockets and etc...)
  9. Concur with what Gibsonm said. The 20 x 20 km maps are pretty big maps for BN and lower echelons. Anything bigger than that would require the player to devote substantially more time to the game to move their forces into their respective attack or assault positions from their start positions on one end of the map. (I can see a need for bigger maps to do multi-brigade or even division maneuvers, but I am not sure whether the game is meant for these unit sizes). Just like Gibsonm said, I would definitely try out scenarios that have 20 x 20 maps or create your own. Just the proverbial two cents of a SB novice.
  10. The approach of putting the dismounted engineers in a line formation to breach a minefield is a good way to go if one does not have a MLCC and/or plows. However, sometimes, the dismounted engineers do miss a mine or two in the cleared lane and this had caused some issues for my armored units trying to drive through the lane. I even put a platoon of dismounted engineers in a line formation to clear an area large enough to pass through a battalion worth of vehicles. However, the engineers keep missing some mines, mainly due to the spacing between the teams and/or individual engineers. MLCC or plow definitely a better option if available. Haven't tried having the engineers put up obstacles, since most scenarios that I have tried already have the obstacles set up. But it would be an interesting scenario to have the engineers putting up obstacles in real time while the OPFOR is approaching their position.
  11. Thank you all for the information! Super useful!
  12. What is a best means to breach a minefield? Having tanks with plows/rollers? Or using Engineering vehicles' MICLIC? Or using dismounted engineers? I have noticed that when I use tanks with plows to open up a lane, some of the follow on vehicles somehow drive too close to the edges of the lane (in spite of my orders for them to drive through the middle of the lane) and end up hitting mines. The program for whatever reason does not allow a platoon of tanks with plows to breach abreast to open up multiple lanes super close to each other or to create a super big lane. Whenever I place a platoon of tanks with plows to breach abreast, only the lead tank breaches, while the others drive through the minefield and run over mines and are disabled. The MICLIC are great, but they in essence present the same problem as that tanks with plows, since the lane being opened is too narrow for some of the follow on vehicles to drive on their own without hitting the edges of the lane. The dismounted engineers, if employed en masse, close and abreast, can de-mine a large area but they take a lot of time. I have watched a tutorial video on that, but I can't seem to figure out how to timely breach a minefield and move a company of armor/mechanized infantry across that field without losing vehicles.
  13. Good to know! Thank you for the info! What else can dismounted engineers do in the game? The SB wiki mentions about them only breaching minefields? Can they also repair bridges or remove IEDs?
  14. Just tried using a whole platoon of dismounted engineers de-mining abreast a small portion of a minefield. They managed to de-mine enough space that the map marked a lane (as opposed to before where the map would not mark the lane when it was de-mined by just a team of 3 engineers working abreast) and the armored vehicles, on order, were able to drive through the lane without manual control. Thank you for the advice and info!
  15. Hi, I have noticed that after dismounted engineers have created a lane in a minefield, I have to manually drive each follow on vehicle in the lane across the minefield. Whenever I give an order for the vehicle formation to go through the cleared lane, the formation just drives around the minefield looking for the end of the minefield. Is there an easier way to get the vehicles to drive through the lane that the engineers have cleared? I don't see a similar problem with lanes being cleared with armored vehicles with plows. Also, is there a tutorial on how to use mounted engineers, mainly how to re-mount the engineers on the other side of the minefield they just cleared? Thank you!
  16. Was on the mission editor the other day and I noticed something odd. One of my APCs was hit by a mine and part of the mounted infantry dismounted. I clicked repair all on the APC and clicked mount on the APC, but the dismounted infantry no longer responds to the command of the APC. The dismounted infantry also refuses to obey any user order. They just sit there and do nothing. I clicked Attach on the dismounted infantry to the APC, and then the APC no longer becomes responsive to my commands. I tried another scenario in the mission editor, and once more, one of my APCs was hit by enemy fire. Part of the mounted infantry dismounted. When I clicked repair all on the APC, the dismounted infantry refused to obey any and all commands. I tried clicking L for follow the leader, but no luck. I also notice the same problem with pure dismounted infantry squads in the mission editor. After a firefight, I would click repair all on a squad that sustained some casualties, and the squad would become unresponsive as a result. Same thing if I revived a squad of infantry that was destroyed, the unit is revived but it is completely unresponsive to any commands. Tried using L for follow the leader, but still no luck. In contrast, the infantry units that were not repaired or revived are still responsive to commands. Is the repair all/revive option is meant to apply only to vehicles and not to infantry in the mission editor?
  17. Thank you Splash! Greatly appreciate it! Thank you for the modding instructions as well!
  18. Hi Splash, That is great! Did you make the mod work or is this from a mod that you have created? If you made the mod work, could you give me instructions on what to do to make it load in the game? If you created the mod, could you post it so that I can get a copy? Thank you!
  19. Hi Ssnake, I tried making the ROC infantry mod a while back, but I could never get it to load in the game. I followed the instructions that were listed in the forum, but I still could not get the mod to work in the game. In any case, here they are in case someone or you can make it work in the game. Thank you! face2.dds interceptordress.dds US_equipMOLLE.dds
  20. Hello everyone, Just wondering if there is a mod out there that mods ROC Infantry uniforms? Has anyone been successful in creating such a mod?
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