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  1. Is there any other playable Russian Tank?
  2. 是的,18000m。我试试14000m
  3. When I edited the terrain in 4.268, I can't save the map, it shows: I had to use 4.167 to edit and save.In the process of testing the scene, it was normal at first, but after starting it several times, it became like this in the video: 发布 2022.02.26 - This is not the first time this happened, in a previous scene this happened even though I didn't change the terrain.How to solve this problem?
  4. Great, look forward to your map and vehicle skin texture
  5. I didn't make any key operations. The problem is that IFV will load missiles first, ignore other targets, and refuse any movement commands, unless the player switches to the main gun at the TC position. But the AI gunner still won't fire.
  6. It's a bug or a deliberate design? 996609826_Release2021_01.28-13_12.00_01_bilibili.mp4
  7. Just add a function, click the arrow, and the turret will turn. Long press the arrow, the handwheel will continue to rotate until the button is released.
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