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  1. We have been using VBS for the last 6 or 8 years. Mainly connected to JCATS, to give the UAV guys some crispy pictures. And lately (2 years) to train 1. Arty in CFF and C2 (training their JFC and JFCC). But your are right it is a good kept secret .....
  2. Yes we have in Denmark. We have been connecting: VBS3, SB and JCATS through DIS. It has only been done for test and proof of concept. We have done it for some years now, with various results. The first times we had some trouble with the Calytrix gateway (and SB) that connects SB to the DIS cloud. But a lot of those issues has been taken care of during the last year. In the end it pretty much comes down to doing the hard work of getting all the DIS enumerations right. I think it can be used to show the infantry guys what kind of support they can expect from tanks, IFV etc. As well as train the different branches to corporate. By the way I know that the Austrian army has done some similar things with VBS3 and SB.
  3. @Mirzayev Both VBS3 and JCATS plays with chemical agents (Sarin and Teargas) and you can have different MOPP levels. In VBS3 you have both Chemical Detection Paper M9 and Gas Detection Unit M22. In JCATS you can model your own sensors.
  4. OK - so from what you say I can understand that services like: Netflix and HBO will not succeed, because of the bad bandwidth in Europe. Nor will people back up their files online. And what a pity that steam will die and games like the ARMA series can't be downloaded http://www.speedtest.net/global-index This link shows another side of the story. I do realize that it present a country average and that many countries have black spots, my own inclusive (DNK). So I kind of get it (not the same as understand it), that esim just don't think that offering a download option is a good idea. But what about a flash disk? As mentioned before many modern laptops doesn't have a DVD drive - so maybe it would be better to offer the terrains on a large Flash drive.
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