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  1. Sorry guys, I am real busy right now, maybe this helps....I will come back with my settings, when I find the time. McDan out
  2. Good evening guys I made a video on how I cured my stutters. I play at 4K resolution with a 60 hz Monitor, VSYNC on. Logical, you need at least 60 fps to have a smooth experience, but in my case, it was not smooth, even with 60 fps, so I used a little trick. Hope it helps some people.... please dont mind my accent and my bad shooting!!! lol McDan out
  3. Maybe I can help you.....just a moment....aahhh here.... http://psychcentral.com/lib/your-first-psychotherapy-session/ McDan out
  4. Wow, I have been a long time away....coming back to see those wonderful news! Great, cant wait. McDan out
  5. Yes yes... I played 2 missions without a single freez, thank you so much, good job team! McDan out
  6. Well, the first very short test (have to go work) is....... HEUREKA! No freezes... Will test more detailed tonight. Thank you
  7. Just let me have it, I will tell you ;-) McDan out
  8. Nice Idea ....you must be a RL tanker .... :-)
  9. Hey Steelbeast esim Team, many thanks for the card, I cant wait for the next update which will hopefully fix my 2 minute freez problem. Enjoy the holiday season!
  10. any ETA on this update? I would love to get rid of the freezes :-)
  11. Hey guys ... I am back in tank business :-) Sadly stil have the 2 minutes freezes also with SB 3.0....starts to pi... me off Hope you guys find a solution to this. McDan out
  12. Bumpedibump... any more ideas? McDan out
  13. :-( well no dice here, still got the freezes after trying to mess with the CM software.... Still how could it be exactly every two minutes into a mission, makes me feel it must be SB related, is there anyway to turn AAR off? EDIT: I tryed following, I started the mission and disconnected the CM dongle, after 1.27 minutes, it gave me a error, that the CM is missing. I reconnected the dongle the mission played again, at 1.50 I removed the dongle again, at exactly 2:00 the freez happend, but no dongle error message, I waited and at around 3.24 the dongle error occurd again. Fazit: it is not the CM, it must be something else....what could it be?
  14. Mr. smart forgot, that he is in London at the weekend...so I will try on monday! Danke Nils
  15. I am away on a business trip, will try when I get home this weekend. Thank you guys for the help McDan out
  16. My C: is a SSD and I have a revodrive, tried both no joy. So I guess I am not the only one to see this happening? Can you see a freez on your systeme, as bad as in my video? Thanks for helping!
  17. well...I would remeber if I had this in older versions of SB, any changes made in the latest update? or what could I do on my side...well I could try on my revodrive 3x2.... :-)
  18. Ok I get closer now, deinstalled Processo Lasso, no change. Checked windows log, no entry, no timewise match. Now the funny observation: I play the M2 tow tracking tutorial, its perfect because I have to move all the time with crosshair. At the beginning, I paused the game after freez, to search in wondows log, task amnager etc etc... Then I let the mission run and just noted when a Freez happend....and BINGO! It happens exactly at: Mission Timer 2 Minutes, 4 Minutes, 6 Minutes, 8 Minutes! and with exactly I mean 2:00 4:00 6:00...... The fact, that it happens always exactly at 2:00, would be a hint it is SB....or any other idea? So what happens in SB or my System every 2 Minutes??? Here a video.... http://dl.dropbox.com/u/28528904/SB-2Minutes-Freez.wmv Fully reproducable.... Now I am going to try a diffrent mission.... EDIT: confirmed, happens in every single player mission always at 2:00, 4:00, 6:00, 8:00 etc etc ??? Is it checking the dongle???
  19. Danke Nils Will try tonight and report back, I have a idea what could cause the hickup, for all my games and simulator performance I use processlasso, which gives me the possibility to close not needed process and block them from restart. Which process will run besides the main exe? It could be that I surpress a process which is used or searched for by using SB... will check easy test, will try tonight without processlasso :-)
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