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  1. thanks I will chew on that for a wee bit
  2. thank you!!! I kept thinking it was on the disc/ I see I have 2.460, now to see if there are any free upgrades.
  3. I have SB Pro I think build 2.082 and just tried installing it on my Win 10 machine, installs, but does not start, says Codemetter or Wibukey runtime system is not installed. I tried 2 installs and I have the dongle in a usb port.
  4. Well there was Centurions in one of the vids posted, crewable?
  5. Is this because of a unexpected failure rate or just lack of spare parts?
  6. I am playing WOT mostly right now as it's all I have time for and with 2 busy kids I am short of working brian cells lately. I make a point of mentioning SB to anyone who complains WOT is not realistic enough. I also find the SB tank range good practice for WOT. My hope is that games like WOT will get people wanting to play tank related games and increase the number of people who are interested in SB. I suggest you make a video where the thrust is that the hated T-54 becomes the hunted by a Leopard 2. Not sure how you can do it without breaking copyright. I think building on the WOT buzz and attracting players who want more realism is a good way to go.
  7. W.O.T. has them beat they have invisable tanks in battle already. We suspect that roque elements of the Klingon Repulican Guard sold them clocking devices.
  8. A guy down the road from me has a T-55, lucky bugger had it in one of our local parades.
  9. They might allow the Humber pig to fully modelled and perhaps the Scorpion.
  10. SB Pro worked fine till I upgraded to 2.546 First I got the error about 4.20 Downloaded the software, installed then I got: “Codemeter error, please ensure your CM stick is firmly in a USB port” When I plug the stick in, my computer sees it and brings up a page labelled: “Codemeter” Seem the computer can see the stick, but not SB pro 64bit computer with Vista Fart meet brain, realized that 2.546 is a patch for the upgrade version of SB, must save my profile stuff and reload SB back to previous version, silly sod that i am. Warning having childern will melt your brain cells!
  11. So the 4.2 is for the game and not the codemeter?
  12. CM-dust tells me I have firmware version 1.15 installed, do I click update licence?
  13. Found it and it had just Lt default. I added the missing records, but still no joy when i open the game, just Lt default.
  14. Windows Vista I have "Reports" in "Documents/Esim games/Steel Beast" and it shows all of the missions I have done under the name I selected, I will continue to dig using the information you have given me, thanks
  15. Had to do a fresh install on a new harddrive, SB pro PE installed correctly, I tranferred the Esim folder over to my "documents" but the previous user records do not seem to show up in the game? any suggestions
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