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  1. Thats excellent, thanks very much Mirzayev
  2. Hello All, Is anyone else having issues with this scenario? The white platoon is not moving regardless of how and when I activate the triggers. It just stays at the start position for the whole scenario. Cheers
  3. Thanks very much Mirzayev. I thought I was losing my edge
  4. Thanks very much for your replies and for the link. I'm looking forrward to many days of fun learning the various weapon systems. Congratulations on a great sim Ssnake.
  5. Hello All, I'm very late to the party with this sim, I only became aware of it and picked it up this week. It looks incredible from my initial attempts at scenarios and from watching various videos on Youtube. Although I'm experienced with both sims and wargames I'm still struggling to succeed in the very first of the Camp Hornfelt scenarios (tactical movement).. Does anyone have any tips for an old gamer, that are relevant to this specific sim rather than general fire and movement principles, which I'm familiar with even if not very good at doing it? Cheers
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