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  1. the question is what are made of those armor plates
  2. that what I thought, thank's (:
  3. Hello there, I'm complaining about that not so new video. I watch it again and we can see at around 0:35 "white" smoke coming from left transmission exhaust. Is it smoke coming from transmission over heating, smoke coming from auto filter cleaning or a new smoke generator (?) ?
  4. Hello, I'm here to ask how exactly MRS function. I always thought that it was an MRS on gun equipped with mirror wich reflect a laser signal send by LRF in doghouse. I find an internet document, talking about dynamic and static MRS. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2214914716301234 For the author, Challenger 2, Leo 2, M1 and K1A1 and so on, are using static MRS, useless in tank movement because vibration. This MRS works only with ambiant light, the MRS's mirror has a reticle, and there is an optic in GPS with same reticle. Both are calibrated, and after that, when you fire, drive in warm region, the reticles differences give input to FCS. I'm okay with that, but what happen in heavy night condition with no ambiant light, the only exception for me is a MRS reticle lighting itself in black area, does it have this thing or not ? The dynamic MRS, by the author is a MRS working with laser and mirror. This kind of dynamic MRS can be used in movement condition. So, how exactly MRS works ? I expect answer for M1 and Leo 2, both well know tank. Thank you.
  5. T-64, T80, BMP-1 Merkava I, II, III M1A2 SEP updated to the current SEPv2 standards M1A1 SA or FEP M2A3 Bradley Challenger I AMX-30, AMX 10 RC and AMX-10P Some of these implemented should be great
  6. There is still a lot of M1A1 SA in US Army. Generally speaking, US Army use a lot of M1A2 SEPv2 when ARNG use a lot of M1A1 SA but there is both tank version in both branch. I know that USMC is introducing hunter-killer feature on their M1A1 FEP. Damian, do you know if US Army is trying to introduce it on SA versions or they think that it will be replaced by M1A2 SEPv3 more quickly ?
  7. Can somebody maybe make some precison of the doghouse's parts ?
  8. Because AMP is not yet ready, did US Army think to improve their M830A1 with datalink to be a link between AMP and standard M830A1 ? ok for the M1A2 SEP, I thought that there was M1A2 SEP v1 upgraded with only SEPv2 flir and software, so know under the name of the program, M1A2 SEP CEEP v2. So SB should rename the M1A2 (SEP), in M1A2 (SEPv2) either in main menu or editor and training.
  9. So, is M1A2C an M1A2 SEPv2 with ECP1A and ECP1B or is it more than this ? And what about AMP? M1A2C has datalink to fire airburst shell, I thought it was for the AMP, but looks like AMP is not yet ready and should come with M1A2D. So actually datalink on M1A2C is only used by M829A4 ?
  10. Roger that ! (: So our Steel Beast M1A2 SEP CEEP v2 should be upgraded to M1A2 SEP v2 so far
  11. So, actually what are the M1 version used by US Army and ANG: - M1A1 AIM SA - M1A2 SEP v1 CEEP v2 - M1A2 SEP v2 or does all M1A2 SEPv1 / CEEP v2 been converted to M1A2 SEP v2 ? and are you sure about M1A2, M1A2A and M1A2B, because I only found renaming for the SEP v3 and SEP v4, so M1A2C and M1A2D?
  12. - Merkava tank should be great, Merkava 1 and 2 and maybe merkava 3/ baz if not too much secret tank - M1A2 SEP v2 with CROWS, DRVC, and why not add the possibility to use ARAT 1/ ARAT 2 /TUSK kit in option. - M2A3 Bradley should be great with improved sights and CIV - M1A1 AIM SA should be great. It's a all around M1A1, it can be used for US /ANG scenarios, australian and others M1A1 SA users and it's a very close tank to the USMC M1A1. - Stryker should be great - if leclerc can't be done, other french AFV should be welcome like AMX-13, 30, 30B2, 40, 10RC, 10P.
  13. Thank you but I'm looking for actual Norway formation, not Netherland (:
  14. Hello there, I search a lot of information about norway armed forces, and it is quite difficult to find information without searching in norwegian with... norwegian results (...) but we can find a lot of good information, for example organisation of 1 infantry platoon with all duty and weapons and equipment carry by men. I looked for tank and armored infantry platoon (stormvagon/stormtroppen) and I find nothing, just old organisation in 80s.So maybe you can help me. What is a norwegian tank platoon ORBAT (Leo2A4NO) and a norwegian armored/armoured infantry platoon ORBAT (CV9030NO/CV9030NOF1), how many vehicles there is, what is the duty of all personnal, their equipment, and if you have the information how work their callsign/vehicle number. About vehicle number I know that some of them use a standard 3 digit for eskadron/kompani, troppen and vehicle, but some time we can see vehicle with 3 digit + 1 letter tipically Alpha letter. And what is their munition naming. I found in one document these names for 120mm: NM254 IMHE-TP, NM231, NM232 and for 30mm: P-SRTA-T, TP-T, TPDS-T what are they, and how kommander call it in their vehicule, in USA for example TC say "gunner sabot tank", in norway how they say sabot for example Thank's a lot
  15. Why not add the Challenger 1 ? The game has many stuff based on the 80/90s. From my side british stuff needs to be improved. I read on other topics that Esim made a trip in UK and made photos of Challenger 2 internal but MoD hided what needed to be hide and made all shots useless. So, why not add the Challenger 1 where it is maybe more easy to get informations, internal photos to bring us a good british Tank, like us M1 or german Leo2. Made the internal of Warrior and Scimitar should be good too. Tactical symbols fitted for each tanks. For example British tanks, see In a platoon (troop) One tank with 1-0 callsign, an other with 1-1 and an other with 1-2. Tactical number, tactical symbols (us V platoon symbol and British squadron symbol or white circle on Gun tube to show the troop number) can be great, so you can easily recognize what tank is part of. Tsahal tank should be great too, like Merkava 1 and 2. I want a merkava 3 too but guess too more modern to be made cause to israel tank policy. Some french stuff should be great too, like AMX10P, AMX10RC, ERC-90, AMX-30, more easy to made than a Leclerc I guess. One good debate I guess is, should steel beast make WW2 stuff. It would be nice to use some American and British tanks against german beast tank, with more a hard sim point of view than a sim.
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