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  1. Ssnake any idea on when preorder will be available? Thx
  2. d Did you install the latest drivers from the card manufacturers site? The boxed drivers are usually outdated
  3. went to download 3.027 and found that parts 1 and 2 read 3.027 and the rest show 3.025? is this correct? thx
  4. Tjay mine loaded to program files and works fine
  5. yes this was in the release notes
  6. I used to use my cougar with Fubars stick profile, but have since moved to mouse and keyboard for quicker and more precise aiming. im sure some would beg to differ tho anyway welcome to sb
  7. Gibson thx for the tip, yes I breached the obstacle manually in the Dow mission will try your method next time
  8. Hey 12Alfa got your pm when are you guys on next
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