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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Just a small US M1A2 Mission nothing too flash, brief only in English, Hope you enjoy. 1) SITUATION: a) Enemy: The enemy have established positions along the opfor line as well as occupied 3 marked positions. Enemy positions include a HQ element. A LRP (Logistics Realese Point) and a possible anti air position around the nort-west point of interest. Expect well defended positions with emplaced weapons anti-tank positions and vehicle emplacements. An estimate of how many units are in the area is unknown, expect vehicles in the range of: -BTR 80 -T72m/A -T80u -BMP 2/3 -BRDM 2 /AT -Emplaced DSHK -Emplaced AT positions b) Own: Our Stance is relatively small with only 2 platoons in reserve, We require a quick but effective strike on the two marked enemy occupied positions to secure a good foothold before our assault on the enemy airfield tomorrow. although the north-west anti-air position is a high priority, as of now it is not mission critical. if possible locate and eliminate the Anti-air guns around grid 9564 5088. c) Composition -2x M1A2 -2x M1A2 -2x M2A2 -2x M2A2 -4x M113A3 -4x M113A3 -2x TOW HMMWV -2x TOW HMMWV d) Reserve requirement -4x M1A2 -4x M2A2 2) MISSION: Mission plan and execution are up to the commander's discretion. Requirements for the success of this mission: -All key vehicles and personnel in the two clearly marked enemy positions are eliminated. i) Fires: -Arty 420x HE -Arty 120x Smoke ii) Additional assets: - 1x Fuel Truck - 1x Ammo Truck - 1x Medical M113A3 - 1x M113 Engineer 5) COMMAND AND SIGNALS: -Friendly ID: On -Map Contacts: Enabled ========================================================================================== ---2021-CB11B--- ========================================================================================== Nothing special, Hopefully there is nothing game breaking in this mission.
    I Played a mission like this a few years back I think on v4.023, Fun Quick Mission that you can replay to get the best score you can, lots of fun and good for new players to get the hang of the game before trying a harder mission. Thank you 😃
    Awesome mission, Simple, Not too easy nor too hard. Lots of sneaky AT troops in the forest. Had heaps of fun playing this. Thanks. 😃
  2. CB11B

    Windows Reinstall

    i updated my licence when the most recent version dropped, but if for some reason I have to acquire a licence again, I don't mind, i love Steelbeasts and will play it for years to come, Thanks again guys for the help and quick responses
  3. CB11B

    Windows Reinstall

    Thank you the quick reply, i appreciate it. and that is wonderful news
  4. Hi guys i bought a licence a few years ago and i need to do a windows reinstall. Is there anything special i need to do? or am i alright to go ahead with the reinstall? Also if you're wondering i have the Classic Licence and i have upgraded it to the current version from when i bought it. Thanks in advance.
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