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  1. What I found interesting was the top end was actually crisp, which absolutely surprised me with a 15" speaker. A had to spend the better part of an hour farting around with the EQ, PC output, and gain though. Mid-range was dull and lifeless. But yeah, you're right, it's not designed for this range at all. I suspect the crispness dies quickly with volume. 1000w? earplugs and muffs together aren't going to help you. You're vibrating your soul at that point. And yes, a wah and distortion sounds like crap, as does adding chorus.
  2. I wanted to see what would happen if I hooked my PC up to my 100 watt bass guitar amp. The next logical thing to do was play SB. What I've learned: 1. Hard drives and monitors create a ton of interference 2. The low range sounds great, the top end is flat (as is expected) 3. It's monoaural (change window settings to mono and pan left or you'll just get left channel and a potentially fried audio chip) 4. Leopard 2E sounds freaking awesome, as do most other vehicles and weapons 5. M1A2 is a notable exception. The engine whine is just too much I couldn'
  3. I'd rather have it as a clickable option. I like the panic aspect of smashing the buttons repeatedly, but sometimes it's just unnecessary.
  4. Thanks for knocking this out, guys! How off is the old printed manual (4.1 era) going to be?
  5. You saved my sanity. Much appreciated!
  6. That's pretty much how I got it working. The downside is now there's a million different waypoints to test if the event is true. It works, but it's getting hard to distinguish who is doing what. Now I have to figure out why they're not running anymore. 🤷‍♂️
  7. Thanks for the help. I think I got it. It's just really ugly 😄
  8. I have a few set as "embark if", but others I want to have walking down roads before the event is triggered. Those are the ones that I'm having issue with. I've tried placing them on a route, and creating another route with "embark if", but they ignore the second route altogether
  9. I'm creating a village of civilian/rebel mix and am looking to make the civilians run for cover once action starts. Is there a way to pull someone off a route once an event is triggered to have them head toward a different waypoint?
  10. Yes, thank you. It really is above and beyond. Merry Christmas!
  11. That's what I'm talking about. I wouldn't expect eSim to do that -- that's what the videos help with (community-made).
  12. I'm new to the point where I still move headlong into obvious ambushes, even when I know they're there. I play this for the complexity. CrackerJack nails it. If it weren't for the videos from Mirzayev and Matsimus, I'd still play, but learning skills beyond the UI (i.e. tactics) would be very slow. Learning how to do something is easy. Learning why and when are totally different animals.
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