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    Destroyed unit skins?

    Could some one clarify how or if we can use the ‘destroyed’ folder? Can we skin textures and place here in the mods- destroyed and will they appear once that unit is KIA? I tried but did not seem to work? Never really thought about using this folder before.
  2. First and foremost, now im playing longer more complicated games, sometimes as long as 13hrs. How many times I wished for the ability to save a game! A big time saver would be help scenario building. It takes days to build maps and scenarios. Id love to see the ability to select a group and copy paste both a group of buildings or units. Been able to copy paste sets of buildings would save tremendous amounts of time. Iv noticed a lot of people try build vital infrastructure to base there scenario on like Airfields but yet we are given castles and wind turbines, really not sure why. We could really do with a control tower and a hanger or two, a port crane, major urban infrastructure, the rest we could continue to make up for. Battlefield infrastructure like a CP and netting or CSS deport. Civilian unit option would be nice for OOTW. Moving troops, we are all aware of the problems with keeping troops with their associated ride. I finish a scenario with stray troops littered across the battlefield. Never understood why we have transport helicopters with no functionality, or trucks for that matter. A big improvement would be the ability to attach troops to airframes in the same way we do with individual units to like groups. Any empty PC should be able to take aboard troops, and specialist weapon teams. Also agree with attaching troops to tanks for urban/ close terrain. Arty assets linked to your arty ability. Lose your arty lose your arty! Lose your CP lose your situation awareness and map details. These should be options of cause; small scenarios might not need these elements. I find the AAR unworkable in larger scenario I would like to see more info simple black and white numbers of each classification of each side in the game. Air assets, CAS in much the same way you give fire missions from an observers potion. Give target grid, perhaps a short list of weapon options like dumb bomb, strafe, cluster, AGM anti tank, on a menu, and send. We only need an A-10 to come in from one side of the map hit the target and leave. We don’t need models hanging around the map like helos we don’t have the room. Im not a FAC but im sure it could work in the same way as arty missions and would this not be a valuable training aid. This is a very important part of the combat team is it not? You don’t really need AAA for this functionality if you are looking at it as a training aid, as a game maybe. Infantry, its all been said! Then there is night and lighting effects, I dream of the day.
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