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  1. Hello Should there be a problem with older mod skins in the 3.0 version of the steelbeast Pro PE? Ask because I tried "Leo2A6 Bundeswehr" version 2.1 by FRITZ and the orientation of the mapping became wrong and overlapping the original Leo 2E skin. I even put the files in all theme, country files so don´t say I didn´t try hard enough :-) I also changed theme in my scenario... yeah no luck. So please, is there anything to think about with older skins and 3.0? And Yeah the target for the skin WAS Leo2E (Leopard 2 L55 gun). Building up a german armored battalion and waiting for the PUMA to be imp
  2. I just love the amount of knowledge, energy and dedication people in the Steelbeast community carry. I joined as Kelvin in 2004 and has since read this forum. I am myself no master of this field so little I contribute. But if someone asked me for help, to help out, in this community I would. Thanks to all for the great time you give me in this forum! And yes thank you Esim Games for your ongoing works. After soon 9 years simulation runs to think of Steelbeast as "No more" is just to much. Happy holidays Kelvin Ice
  3. Hello Thank you guys for your time. As you said it works in Steelbeast PRO PE I got myself new energy to solve this - And I did, with a whole lot of uninstall/reinstall. Now its working and it is a treat to call down atry. via triggers, to area. To even split up platoons by voice. (Beats the mouse to menu interface). And yes I use the voice commands according to "in game" communication. In gunners seat I get HEAT in the tube and a BMP at range 2700 meter moving fast in hilly surrondings so I say to Commander: "Hey Dude change to Sabot or this will take all day" (F7 INSERT INSERT F6 F2 (0.75 se
  4. Hello All I use the voice command program VAC when I run DCS A-10C flight simulator. VAC is the best third part program for this I have used. It delivers, smooth and smart. Now I tried to use it in Steelbeast Pro PE for voice command platoon formations and spread, initiate triggers and as if I used a radio for support element eg. Art on area 5 if you please or just down right ASAP!!!!. Anyway the VAC application in Steelbeast would make single simulation more fun. As in, start talking to myself. Well friends I don't get it to work - I worked my brain to the end of the line.... So here I reach
  5. Hello I like to change type of HEAT projectile for a few MBT in the "Instant action" scenario. Could that be done by me? Config a file somewhere.........
  6. Hello all Old and New. I have played this simulation since STEELBEAST came out. Most offline but some trails online until end of 2006. With Steelbeast Pro PE I then went online for real. Now first I will just say to you Redemption that this crew, driving this simulation is great - Pick up the practice and join up! - If deja wants some hairy balls ;-) Get in there and give him it where his armor is at its thinnest - But learn first where that is. Above you have read a lot about how to do it. Grab that and make something of it. What you wrote about how you feel towards the community is your trut
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