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  1. Very helpful, thank you very much! I think I will play around more and find my way of tanksimming before doing a complete setup. Altough I know my favorite vehicle already, its the Leo.
  2. Hello! I am new to SB and I come from the Flightsim corner, where I fly DCS and P3D. This is the reason why I use a TM Warthog HOTAS. Now I wanted to ask if anyone can recommend which buttons to bind on the HOTAS. I have a few ideas after doing some tutorials but I am not sure what else could be good to have on the Joystick. I found the PDF template for the warthog in the download section but as it doesnt recommend any setups I am as overhelmed as I am when looking in the setup part of the sim main menu 😛 Thank you very much!
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