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  1. My buddy is part of a wormhole corp. As long as he participates in events/pvp, etc. he can claim a portion of the weekly payout. He then buys a 30-day license and plays the game for free.
  2. Thanks, I'll keep my fingers crossed
  3. Hey guys, Long time no see! Congrats on the forthcoming release of 3.0. There sure are a lot of new toys coming out! I was curious, with the inclusion of the SEP in 3.0, are there any plans on including the A3 Brads in the near future? I know in the past there hadn't been a priority with the US Army not capitalizing on SB Pro but seeing the SEP on the way has raised my hopes a little. :eager: Thanks!
  4. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  5. Good read there Beach. looks like you're doing well. Two things for ya. First, with the 25mm always fire a single sensing round to check range and lead. If it's on, continue firing. If not, relas and adjust. If you changed ammo fire a double sensing round and disregard the first round. Secondly, if anyone tells you to 'check the aux', don't! Have fun mate!
  6. Oh wow, this should be grand!
  7. SFViper19D


    I think that is "Charlie Mike's" big brother. On the Move On Mission Continuing Mission
  8. This has caused situations where the TOW gets jammed in the upright position disabling it entirely.
  9. I've got an assortment of GHQ WW2 and Modern Armor as well as WW2 Naval stuff. I also bought the Flames of War starter box set a couple months ago. It's nice stuff!
  10. Anyone have a link to the actual mod? Thx
  11. You talkin' about that open 'chute way way off in the background? I just caught that.
  12. I suppose if they are swimming to the beach BDU's would be the thing to have on once they get there. The last guy has different flippers than the rest...
  13. In the Bradley the driver's front periscope unscrews, drops out and gets replaced with a night vision device. On the M2/M3-A2 versions the night vision is your standard light amplification device with a round 3" cushioned optic while the newer A3's have a FLIR device with a square 10" screen. With the FLIR of course you get white hot and black hot and if it's dialed in correctly it looks pretty amazing. Still a little short on depth perception though. The commander still uses NVG's, either hand held or helmet mounted, or can drop down and use the turret optics.
  14. SFViper19D

    Tow Cables

    In our scout platoon every brad had a tow cable attached to the ramp but during my time there we only used them once to self recover out of a ditch after a night incident. We always used tow bars. There were two assigned to the platoon, one for each three brad section. If I remember right, self recovery was frowned upon, due to the strain on the powerplant, unless the situation dictated the need. Usually it came down to a wait for the '88.
  15. If I had a nickel for every antennae ball lost in country... by the way, I think I saw the kitchen sink on there.
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