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  1. Maybe I am a bit late to the party with my answer, but I'll share my thoughts on the issue originally posted. I am 100% a civilian, and I find myself fascinated with military subjects. A sim like Steel Beast allows me to indulge and study military stuff I never would have been a part of. I have my "collection" of study sims that never leave my hard drive: Command, Dangerous Waters (naval combat), Falcon BMS and Il-2 (fighter planes), and Steel Beast (armored combat). I find that on Steel Beast, and the other study sims, the actual systems and weapons and vehicles are a bit daunting
  2. You are correct Grenny... I should train and play with humans... I never tried multi-coop with humans. You are probably right, "die-roll mechanics" might not be the best way to implement friendly fire. Might end up being arbitrary and artificial. I have 4 new items for the wish list: 1. the TUSK addition to the M1A2 2. With the idea of multiplayer on my mind and TUSK... a back-of-the-tank infantry telephone, so a player using infantry/dismounts needs to approach other player's tank with the TUSK and use the back telephone to communicate and coordinate when in close proxim
  3. Hello you'all, I have no idea how to go about making the AI make the mistake of engaging a friendly. I am not a programmer. But I thought it would be a good addition to a future version of SB. It would force the player to be more realistic on how to plan and execute his tactics & maneuvers... isn't this one of the cool things about SB, it teaches proper producers? It would probably be a bit frustrating to new players and make the learning curve more steep. But this is a big part of the fun and attraction of SB! I remember I was soooo frustrated I could not really
  4. Snipers already on the game? Ok... I am going to be looking tonight on the editor... wish you had told me the Sheridan is in the game already, I would prefer this to sniper! Yup, target misidentification is what I was thinking about for blue-on-blue events. Last night I made a mission where it all became a very chaotic scene with units crossing all over shooting, ect... I thought to myself -"ummmm, in RL this would never be planned this way for the danger of fratricide, with units crossing sideways over the killzone designated for other units..."- Right now SB allows you to "cheat"
  5. Hello you all. My first ever post on this forum. Five items that would be interesting to see on future Steel Beast editions (my own particular wish list; SB is already quite amazing and close to perfect): 1. The possibility for the AI to fire by mistake on same-side units. (Maybe this is already possible?). It could be set up in the mission editor with a probability % of happening. This will force player to plan tactics considering the need to minimize the possibility of friendly units crossing the field of fire of other friendly units... I am sure this is very importan
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