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  1. I love all of his Lord Flashheart appearances. Woof!
  2. @Galileo Hadn't seen that video, but it did fill in some blanks for me, thanks!
  3. So I am read up on the dev's comments, forum posts, and the various FAQ links, but does anyone care to share their own personal honest thoughts on the 'improvements' to the ground warfare aspects of CMO over CMANO? I've had CMANO for years but never gotten into it (less than an hour played) because my interest in Naval and Air Ops (beyond CAS/Naval surface fires) is pretty low. Always been intrigued by the sim nonetheless, and the discount for owning CMANO is appealing. Is there a scale where a scenario emphasizing the ground components might shine? Division, Brigade etc. Mostly I'm interested in knowing if it's possible to make fulfilling scenarios where air/naval actually becomes ancillary to ground.
  4. @Grenny Looks to me like the M1711A1 PGK and M1712A1 PGK (precision guidance kit).
  5. You're both welcome! @O.Schmidt In version 2 I'll expand with a briefing and provide as much information as possible to get folks going, and I might get around to making a short demonstration video at some point. This version was bare bones because I think most of it is self evident to the folks that might most enjoy this sort of thing. Usually when I've taught tankers this stuff I've tried to make sure to have enough animal crackers and coloring books on hand to keep their attention but Steel Beasts clearly draws from a more cerebral, more evolved type of tanker/tank enthusiast. I'll also probably replace the M109A3s and M107 shells with PZH2000s firing GPS guided projectiles in order to mitigate the effects probable error of unguided rounds can have on outcomes. In doing so the player's actual target location error for their initial CFF and subsequent adjustments will be emphasized free of the effects of uncontrollable probable error.
  6. Please feel free to take a crack at my Manual Observed Fire Range scenario. The aim of this scenario is to provide a limited and controlled environment for the student or player to practice fundamentals of the manual adjustment of indirect fire using proper procedures on an assortment of targets, and at various ranges and without modern aids such as laser rangefinders and battlefield management systems. If you do take a crack at the scenario please feel welcome to provide feedback so I can make additional changes before submitting it to the downloads section. Created on SB pro PE version 4.161. Manual Observed Fire Range 01.sce
  7. Agreed. HE is the typical munition of choice for the destruction of bridges.
  8. Throwback advertisement I found in the 92-93 Jane's Armour and Artillery. Nobeltech & Comator Process ABs ESIM system (no relation I presume?)
  9. I know what you're getting at; Speaking, strictly, in terms of low angle indirect fire; there are no technical minimum ranges for howitzers, provided the terrain along the gun-target line is perfectly flat. Obviously it's 100% more likely that the terrain isn't perfectly flat, and consists of either obstacles to clear near the guns, or masking terrain near the target, so in low angle indirect fire you can be presented with practical dead zones, where everything fired at the target below a certain vertical angle places the ballistic arc of the projectile on course to be intercepted by terrain short of the target. So the terrain compels you to use high angle fire in order to clear obstacles (firing from defilade), or clear masking terrain (firing into defilade), now your minimum range becomes a function of the maximum elevation of the howitzer, the ballistic properties of the specific projectile, and the smallest available charge. Additionally certain precision guided munitions can only be fired in high angle in order to steer properly, and therefore have large minimum ranges. It sounds like you were using PzH 2000s in your initial test, were you by chance using the Assegai ammo? The minimum indirect fire range for the M1711 Assegai ammo in-game is ~4000 meters compared to the default M107 ammo which is ~700 meters. If a fire mission is plotted within this minimum range it will get hung up on waiting for approval.
  10. This sounds like some thought provoking big picture stuff so I'm interested in reading more about what you specifically envision when you say 'more complex'? Sans that insight, my short answer would be; anything that builds upon the sim's ability to faithfully function as a believable real-time combined arms battle simulator is good.
  11. @thewood I'm now sure you were absolutely trying to be respectful. How I managed to misread your post as somehow needlessly flippant, and dismissive of @Japo32 is now beyond me. You clearly challenged him directly, respectfully, and on the substance of his wishes, in the spirit of free debate. My apologies. Won't happen again. @12Alfa Thanks for the wisdom, sometime when you get the time, I'd love to hear more about how you owe your life to keeping your map board out of the turret in combat. Absolutely fascinating. Thanks for sorting me out guys, you're the best.
  12. If you can't see the disrespectful condescension in thewood's comment at your age, than surely it will not be me that gets through to you. It's about showing an ounce of leadership and defending people that are being needlessly put down, not ego. Now I'm done here. Let it go.
  13. People should have the freedom to post their personal wishes, on the wishlist thread, without being discouraged or harassed by people that don't speak for esim.
  14. "The Forgotten Shields" from Infantry Magazine, JAN-FEB 1975. Hope it helps.
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