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  1. Interesting take. I would still like to know more. The presence of a photographer during a combat operation is not unusual. The photo was originally taken by Baz Ratner, a photojournalist, so I guess I'll just have to email him.
  2. Larmor can correct me if I'm wrong but I believe this M113 was hit near Shuja'iyya, in the hours after the Battle of Shuja'iyya neighborhood, when Israeli medical personnel were attacked resulting in the loss of 2 KIA and 2 WIA (crew at the time was a driver, photographer and 2 medics). English sources mention the incident but do not specify that the medic vehicle attacked was an M113. "278.At around 7 a.m. on the same day, according to another witness, a military medical aid ambulance was directly struck twice while the witness and his colleague attempted to provide first aid to victims in the area. There were four persons in the vehicle, a driver, a photographer and two paramedics. The passengers were all hit, including while trying to flee the shelling. Two of them were killed and two injured." https://www.ohchr.org/Documents/HRBodies/HRCouncil/CoIGaza/A_HRC_CRP_4.docx
  3. Super under-rated improvement; AI generated fire missions now appear in the fire mission drop down list.
  4. Sorry if this sounds basic but; Have you checked to make sure the scenario designer has 1) set the amount of available Priority Fire Missions (in addition to the presence of the TRPs)? Both are needed. I'm not at my computer right now but I thought they were working properly last night.
  5. Rgr that lol. No worries. Also-- the visible descending parachutes on the SADARM are a nice touch.
  6. As of version 4.250, the newly added SADARM rounds properly register statistics in both the AAR, and the Report File! DPICM and HE issues persist.
  7. That really depends on a lot of things including the intensity of the conflict,and the types of targets. In Iraq I regularly requested fire from less than a full battery.
  8. The US conducts split battery operations for Howitzers, Rockets and Mortars. page 3-5 (FM 3-09.70) page 3-6 (FM 3-09.70)
  9. @ChrisWerb No worries dude. Sorry for the curt reply.
  10. Did I say anything about off-map artillery? That's a rhetorical question, no I did not. The mentioned Fire Support settings affect on-map fire support asset behavior.
  11. Was the enemy fire support configured to; (1) allow all units and (2) allow ai to call for fire? Sounds to me like the AI battery just generated a DPICM fire mission on the units it could personally see, rather than a direct fire engagement, or each howitzer firing DPICM at individual vehicles within it's LOS. I conducted a test where a lone 2s3 battery equipped only with DPICM waits to fire as a few red platoons advance into visual range. When the AI fire support options are (1) allow all, and (2) allow ai to call for fire, the 2s3 battery will generate and fulfill a DPICM fire mission on the vehicles it sees, even if the enemy is super close. When those options are unchecked the batteries will allow the enemy to advance without firing on them. As for reality-- I'm not familiar with anyone that trains or plans to shoot direct fire DPICM, so I don't have anything to say about that. But-- Theoretically, if you can hit the target with direct fire, and the time of flight from tube to target is greater than 2 seconds then at least with the M483A1 DPICMs M577(A1), the fuse should be able to function (minimum MT fuse on M577 is 2 secs), for what it's worth. Furthermore replacing the expulsion charge with a spotting charge causes the round to function like a unitary (HE) warhead.
  12. Also @Grenny -- I'm probably reading too much into the mortar-neutralizing ambush storyline at the end of the video, but were you hinting that Mortars can respond to AI Calls for Fire now?
  13. Happy to see another playable Fire Support Team vehicle, as well as the anti-armor artillery. For my own curiosity, do the SMart munitions fully register destroyed vehicles in the report file?
  14. Footage of Azeri DPICM impacting: And the same General Hertling from the NYTs articles downplaying the effects of DPICM, now takes to twitter to play up the effects of DPICM; Worth taking a look at the numbers of hits incurred by the cars parked on the street.
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