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  1. @thewood I'm now sure you were absolutely trying to be respectful. How I managed to misread your post as somehow needlessly flippant, and dismissive of @Japo32 is now beyond me. You clearly challenged him directly, respectfully, and on the substance of his wishes, in the spirit of free debate. My apologies. Won't happen again. @12Alfa Thanks for the wisdom, sometime when you get the time, I'd love to hear more about how you owe your life to keeping your map board out of the turret in combat. Absolutely fascinating. Thanks for sorting me out guys, you're the best.
  2. If you can't see the disrespectful condescension in thewood's comment at your age, than surely it will not be me that gets through to you. It's about showing an ounce of leadership and defending people that are being needlessly put down, not ego. Now I'm done here. Let it go.
  3. People should have the freedom to post their personal wishes, on the wishlist thread, without being discouraged or harassed by people that don't speak for esim.
  4. "The Forgotten Shields" from Infantry Magazine, JAN-FEB 1975. Hope it helps.
  5. MK-1c Breakthrough7 Compass/Protractor mod; https://www.dropbox.com/s/z6p16nltu2ftabv/steel.dds?dl=0 Notes: Same as above. Differences between this version and the last: The numbers have been re-done in order to make them more legible. The above link has been removed, as I discovered an error at the 5000 mils location. The updated mod can be found here; https://www.dropbox.com/s/2x6ojjov7rfc0j2/steel.dds?dl=0
  6. I'm liking the PzH 2000, and the M1711A1/A2 Assegai ammo. The ability to restrict ammunition for off-map artillery is great for people that use off-map artillery. The optional altitude restriction for helicopters is good, as is the boosted willingness of infantry to fire their anti-tank weapons. The tracers look nice too. Excited to have MLRS, but it's a little tiny bit bittersweet because DPICM kills are still a little wonky in how they're handled in the mission report+AAR. The JIM-LR is great too, and I bet it'll be even better once I figure out how to switch it to thermal. Still testing things and will report back with more of the nice.
  7. I notice the sub-munition dispersion area for the M483A1 DPICM is slightly different than what the school house at Fort Sill teaches (accepting that in reality; sub-munition dispersion area and pattern changes with range, distribution of the sub-munitions is not uniform across the effective area, and there is a dud rate). Does Steel Beasts ~model (or abstract) 88 sub-munitions within the dispersion area?
  8. Nice. Does this tie in with an as of yet unseen new method of limiting off-map artillery rounds or does it count on-map artillery rounds, or both? I notice the values displayed zeros, despite the PzH 2000s presence in the video.
  9. Looks like the Call For Fire dialogue panel now includes a round count function:
  10. Not sure if these two features have been mentioned before explicitly (scouts were ~implied) but I noticed: 1) a new class of Infantry "Scout Team" 2) the individual 'vehicle icons' now display, in the editor, overlayed with unit icons. And for good measure (though certainly not complete);
  11. You've got that bit mixed up a little but it might just be wording-- Platoon is 2-4 guns (depending on nationality, organization, role) Battery is 4-8 guns ("") Battalion (or regiment) is 12-24 guns ("") A pretty standard configuration is; 3 guns per platoon, 2 firing platoons per battery ( =6 guns), and 3 firing batteries per Battalion/Regiment ( =18 guns)
  12. Yep, as @Galileo said, message to observer. It's the final message you receive as the FO before shot&splash, and it's where you learn exactly what will be shot. In it's briefest form it looks something like: "FDC: Message to Observer, Bravo [firing unit] Quick in Effect [changes/additions/effects], 6 rounds [number of volleys], target number AR0005 [target number]. So this example would be 36 rounds of HE/Quick, in the form of a 6 gun battery firing 6 rounds a piece. ------------------------------------ The second half of RPS' The Flare Path article from today features an interview with Ssnake where he expounds on 4.1 and confirms the following vehicles (some of which have already been confirmed elsewhere); -BTR-82A -ATTV Vector -Mercedes G 300 CDi -Fennek family; Stinger, mortar, Spike, reconnaissance and artillery observer vehicles -BMP B-11 Kurganets-25 -BTR B-10 Kurganets-25 -T-14 Armata -K-17 Bumerang -Typhoon-K -2s35 Koalitsiya -BMP T-15 Armata https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2019/06/21/the-flare-path-invisible-hulls/
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