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  1. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Editor Wish: An additional 'drain region' option or variation of, whereby, units draining into the region remain in the destination drain region, rather than being returned to a spawn pool for respawning.
  2. We love photos

    Where SB shines as it relates to fire support training is in the simple integration with maneuver, ie critical fire support tasks executed in real time in support of the close fight. GuardFIST [retro!], Call for Fire Trainer [CFFT] etc are all great for practicing proper procedures inside a vacuum (ie on the hill) but as far as I'm concerned that's about the extent of their worth. As far as gaming goes, haven't touched for example, Combat Mission in a couple years now because imho SB is to CM, what CM is to company of heroes. Even Command Ops 2 and similar top downs are just SB played only in map view mode, and the list goes on.
  3. We love photos

    We've moved on as well; M7 BFIST, M1200, M707, M1131. And I don't know what happened to the idea but in the early 2000s I remember playing on an Abrams FIST (AFIST) simulator, which was pretty impressive but apparently nobody else thought so. I've always felt pretty strongly that the FIST should roll in whatever the supported maneuver unit rolls in; during Desert Storm FISTVs single handedly held up entire divisions, and I'm not talking about enemy divisions. And I'm pretty sure they sat out OIF, at least all the mech units in OIF 1 went forward with BFISTs, but as late as 2008 you could still find yourself in a FISTV stateside.
  4. We love photos

    Bravo! I'm typing on a vintage Forward Entry Device (FED), which does indeed facilitate digital fire mission generation and control, and the vehicle is in fact an M981 FISTV.
  5. We love photos

    Nope, but good guess!
  6. We love photos

    Vehicle interior identification challenge; who can guess what kind of vehicle I'm sitting in here-- Hint#1; The year of the photo was 2008, and the vehicle had *mostly* been phased out well before that time. Hint#2; It's a little cutie, it really is, but also a strong contender for most worthless steel beast to ever prowl the forest. Additional hints available.
  7. UGV and UAV deployment

    Reckoned that might be the case. Thanks!
  8. UGV and UAV deployment

    Speaking of UAVs-- is there any way to set UAVs [sperwer lookalike] to not have blind status? Un-checking it doesn't seem to work. The reason I ask is because I'm looking for novel ways of getting the enemy AI to target my arty with counter battery [beyond the methods mentioned on the forum in the past] and one of my ideas involves chains of triggered UAV spawning/destruction/revival but I've been thwarted thus far by their blindness which I presume prevents them from calling for fire on their own.
  9. FN-FAL

    The Israeli camouflage scheme that ships with the game uses a modified version of the Uniform1970US texture file.
  10. FN-FAL

    DPM 1980s Brits; https://www.dropbox.com/s/nfi2vhz5n829bso/Uniform1970US.dds?dl=0
  11. Protractor

    The MK-1b Breakthrough7 Compass/Protractor mod; https://www.dropbox.com/s/4xa311uhdpm1vi6/steel.dds?dl=0 Please let me know if the link works! Notes: -The mod replaces the Steel.dds file in the images folder of your steel beasts directory. -Only use if you are familiar with what you are doing, as using mods outside of the mods folder is discouraged. -Preserve the original Steel.dds file in your preferred manner -When loaded you will notice artifacts of the protractor mods presence on other panels that share the Steel.dds file, they do not affect functionality but if they are too unsightly, remove and replace with your original steel.dds file. -Any feedback you care to share is welcome @Red2112 Thanks for the links-- those are exactly the sorts of thing which would be optimal. I investigated a little and found the only suitable one is the 30$ one which has the option of mils. Still though, there's bound to be something out there that fits the bill more perfectly than my mod.
  12. On-map DPICM

    Huzzah! That's worth quite a bit thanks.
  13. On-map DPICM

    Yes you can deduce the grand total of vehicles destroyed by on-map DPICM [or off map anything] in that manner. That's what I've been doing for ages now. You can also scroll though every vehicle in the events portion and count them individually. Sub-optimal though for a multitude of reasons.
  14. On-map DPICM

    Thanks for the prompt reply. In the meanwhile is there any combination of variables [damage if/repair if etc] I can change/apply that might enable them to show up?