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  1. Poland Armed Forces Modernization.

    M-142 HIMARS carries either 1 Missile, or 6 rockets [half the payload of the M-270 MLRS]. Those 18 [+2] will probably form 2-3 batteries in a HIMARS Battalion [or artillery brigade/regiment depending on Polish organizational norms], and that battalion [bde/rgmt] will be suitable for conducting counter-battery, interdiction, SEAD, neutralization/destruction fires of high-payoff/high value targets and suppression of large area targets in the close support fight as part of a corps' fire support allocation to a division sized element. Ranges depend on munition and treaty obligations, and the upper limits are classified but expect rockets to generally reach out to up ~+70km and missiles ~+300km. Relevant passages/tables for effects expectations: ---- ---- ---- ---- ----
  2. Mugs! Posters! Mousepads! Magnets!

    Funny story about the mugs and I'll be buying one soon here so please forgive the story. The last time I browsed the SB coffee mug shop, which must have been this past summer, I got to thinking about what I wanted from a mug of this sort; smaller size (I think I could only find larges), and along with the picture on the mug, I wanted the vehicle's specs, as an aid to memorization. So I went and made one myself of the 5.5 inch medium gun (most beautiful artillery piece ever created).
  3. Some artillery fire questions

    On the application and effect of Cold War era massed fires in support of Offensive operations during Desert Storm [From US Army Historian Dr. Boyd Dastrup's Artillery Strong Modernizing the Field Artillery for the 21st Century];
  4. Some artillery fire questions

    Some pages from the 3-09.30 and the older but superior 6-30 for additional reference;
  5. Some artillery fire questions

    In my initial explanation I didn't acknowledge that in Steel Beasts the dimension inputs effectively function as (a) and (b) sides of a rectangle rather than conventional length (longer) and width (shorter) dimensions [as a result Steel Beasts offers the user two pathways for arriving at a desired target orientation and size]; That was on me, and I reckon that contributed to [or was the genesis of?] Wildbillkelsoe's confusion with Gibson's chart. Looks like you're tracking now though, so Mission Accomplished.
  6. Some artillery fire questions

    @wildbillkelsoe The attitude of the target is the azimuth of the target's length dimension expressed from 0-3200. It exists independently of the OT Direction [the azimuth from the Observer to the Target]. To illustrate:
  7. We love photos

    @Damian90 If the chain of custody of Iraq's old tanks ever becomes relevant to your writing/research; that tank was kept near the north gate of Camp Fallujah in 2006 [there was another nearly pristine batch lined up at the south gate], and someone must have had a plan for them that precluded being towed to the boneyard or gunnery range.
  8. We love photos

    @Gibsonm Sharp answer, You win round #2! I wish I'd played around on this tank [and the BMPs] more and taken more/better pictures but Iraqi armor was just about the least interesting thing in the world to me at the time.
  9. We love photos

    Vehicle identification challenge #2: What kind of tank am I standing on here?
  10. About that deleted thread

    @lavictoireestlavie Before moving too far away from this-- Just want to say I don't think anyone faults you for your research, desire to help, or your disappointment on this occasion. You're a top notch and refreshingly impartial researcher with good company here-- I hope you press on.
  11. History of US Tanks.

    No, I'm not.
  12. About that deleted thread

    Yes, they're isolated to page 10 of that thread; March 7th to March 8th 2018.
  13. About that deleted thread

    Just a heads up, all of those documents/diagrams posted on the disappeared thread marked secret have existed (and continue to exist) on the History of US Tanks thread, since March 2018. Looks like there was a discussion debating the authenticity at the time. Also, an irrelevant but interesting point, is that a google reverse image search indicates that the documents appeared online as early as November 6th 2002.
  14. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Editor Wish: An additional 'drain region' option or variation of, whereby, units draining into the region remain in the destination drain region, rather than being returned to a spawn pool for respawning.