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  1. Yep, as @Galileo said, message to observer. It's the final message you receive as the FO before shot&splash, and it's where you learn exactly what will be shot. In it's briefest form it looks something like: "FDC: Message to Observer, Bravo [firing unit] Quick in Effect [changes/additions/effects], 6 rounds [number of volleys], target number AR0005 [target number]. So this example would be 36 rounds of HE/Quick, in the form of a 6 gun battery firing 6 rounds a piece. ------------------------------------ The second half of RPS' The Flare Path article from today features an interview with Ssnake where he expounds on 4.1 and confirms the following vehicles (some of which have already been confirmed elsewhere); -BTR-82A -ATTV Vector -Mercedes G 300 CDi -Fennek family; Stinger, mortar, Spike, reconnaissance and artillery observer vehicles -BMP B-11 Kurganets-25 -BTR B-10 Kurganets-25 -T-14 Armata -K-17 Bumerang -Typhoon-K -2s35 Koalitsiya -BMP T-15 Armata https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2019/06/21/the-flare-path-invisible-hulls/
  2. Ha! It would have been a bit less jarring for me as a young FO if the gun bunnies/fdc had done me the courtesy of sending an MTO!
  3. Thanks! Tell me about it! My first 155mm HE call for fire in combat was at 400 meters danger close, which is about 600 meters closer than I'd called in training prior. I requested an adjust fire, and instead I got 9 rounds immediate suppression with a 100 meter radius.
  4. I'm looking forward to learning more about the new fire support systems. Specifically; (1) whether the PZH 2000 has functioning MRSI capability, (2) whether there's been adjustments to the interface or underlying code infrastructure for requesting and delivering fire support that will be apparent to the user, (3) whether there's been any 155mm/120mm precision guided, or anti-tank munitions added to the inventory, and (4) obviously more details (or maybe an effects demonstration) elucidating on the impact of the new HE model as it relates to the FS systems.
  5. They came out really well, nice work! I still think that maybe the unit marking plates are a function of that decal file, so I'll have another look at it and see if I can't figure out the issue (might be another file with random gear etc affecting it). As for OD green versions of all the American vics, maybe have a look in the downloads section of the forum, you might be able to find what you're looking for. Do you have any particular vehicles in mind, say like Vietnam era vics or everything? Might be another project to start.
  6. Here's a copy of the same skin file with no stars, you should be able to add stars to it from scratch using the magic wand tool, copy and paste. If you end up saving it, rename it m60a3.dds m60a3nostar.dds
  7. Not sure what's preventing you from saving but maybe make a copy of the skin you want to use, and move it somewhere besides the SB directory before trying to modify it. Could be permissions related. And once you're able to save it, make sure you've selected file type; direct draw surface (dds).
  8. No worries, this stuff helps me chill out. So the path of least resistance is to open up the skin file you'd like to modify, in paint.net, and add the stars using the built in shape tool, which includes a star. Once you've found that, it's a question of orienting, coloring, and weathering the star to your liking, which might require copying the stars to new files, and then back to your skin file. I don't *really* know what I'm doing, so I use the 'adjustments' tab to get change the brightness/contrast of the stars, and then the effects tab to add some noise. m60a3.dds -- Black stars m60a3.dds --White stars
  9. What do you think about these? I moved them forward and up, but I'll probably need to make the stars smaller if we're going to fit them exactly like the one in your picture above.
  10. My best guess was to turn the file USdecals_early.dds into a transparent field, but that doesn't seem to do the trick. I'll let you know if I figure it out, though maybe someone that knows will chime in sooner.
  11. Third time's the charm-- Blackish grey stars; m60a3.dds White Stars; m60a3.dds
  12. Rgr that. Check out this one; m60a3.dds and let me know about size too. The star in front might be a little too big.
  13. Have a look at this one and hit me up if there's any additional adjustments you want made; m60a3.dds
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