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  1. That really depends on a lot of things including the intensity of the conflict,and the types of targets. In Iraq I regularly requested fire from less than a full battery.
  2. The US conducts split battery operations for Howitzers, Rockets and Mortars. page 3-5 (FM 3-09.70) page 3-6 (FM 3-09.70)
  3. @ChrisWerb No worries dude. Sorry for the curt reply.
  4. Did I say anything about off-map artillery? That's a rhetorical question, no I did not. The mentioned Fire Support settings affect on-map fire support asset behavior.
  5. Was the enemy fire support configured to; (1) allow all units and (2) allow ai to call for fire? Sounds to me like the AI battery just generated a DPICM fire mission on the units it could personally see, rather than a direct fire engagement, or each howitzer firing DPICM at individual vehicles within it's LOS. I conducted a test where a lone 2s3 battery equipped only with DPICM waits to fire as a few red platoons advance into visual range. When the AI fire support options are (1) allow all, and (2) allow ai to call for fire, the 2s3 battery will generate and fulfill a DPICM fire mission
  6. Also @Grenny -- I'm probably reading too much into the mortar-neutralizing ambush storyline at the end of the video, but were you hinting that Mortars can respond to AI Calls for Fire now?
  7. Happy to see another playable Fire Support Team vehicle, as well as the anti-armor artillery. For my own curiosity, do the SMart munitions fully register destroyed vehicles in the report file?
  8. Footage of Azeri DPICM impacting: And the same General Hertling from the NYTs articles downplaying the effects of DPICM, now takes to twitter to play up the effects of DPICM; Worth taking a look at the numbers of hits incurred by the cars parked on the street.
  9. Some relevant tables for deeper context and perhaps helpful for visualizing artillery effort and organization in Desert Storm and late Cold War themed missions: 1st Infantry Division Artillery Order of Battle for Preparatory fires in support of the Breach: -------------------- 1st Infantry Division Artillery order of Battle, for Pursuit subsequent of the Breach: ------------------- Ammunition Expenditures, 1st Infantry Division Artillery through all phases including Raids, Prep, and Breach+ Pursuit: -------------------- BDA 1st Infant
  10. - Immediate Suppression functionality (mixed fuse/fast CFF to splash/lower percentage of effective rounds on target/grey out options to prevent player from modifying target dimensions, ROF and tube numbers etc). - Fire Missions generated by friendly AI (and other party members) during execution phase to be displayed in the Fire Mission Drop Down List and be cancelable. - Fire Missions initiated by units that have been designated as having Priority status by the scenario designer to be processed and executed with the same or similar speed as Fire Missions called on Priority Target Referen
  11. Adding to the above; Infantry killed by On-Map Mortars, Howitzers, and MLRS, are not credited to the Firing Unit/Vehicle/Mortar team in the report file.
  12. These are the readily available references I would recommend reading to all interested in the effects of ICM (DP&AP); 3rd Infantry Division AAR (OIF1) https://www.globalsecurity.org/military/library/report/2003/3id-aar-jul03.pdf ICM: Bridging the Capability Gap: https://apps.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/1038759.pdf Operation Iraqi Freedom: Decisive War, Elusive Peace: https://www.rand.org/content/dam/rand/pubs/research_reports/RR1200/RR1214/RAND_RR1214.pdf US Marines in Iraq 2003: Anthology and Annotated Bibliography: https://www.usmcu.edu/Portals/218/Anthology and Bib.pd
  13. @stormrider_sp That excerpt is from page 271 of 'CERTAIN VICTORY: The U.S. Army in the Gulf War' By General Robert Scales. You can find a downloadable PDF here: https://web.archive.org/web/20170215223727/http://usacac.army.mil/cac2/cgsc/carl/download/csipubs/certainvictory.pdf There's a lot in the book that's relevant to the questions you brought up in the fire support thread.
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