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  1. Nice shots Lumi - I'll add some of mine. I had a shocker last night, completely bewildered by the goings-on most of the time and after the first engagements with 3A I left them exposed in front of that thick forest while I fooled around with a Jav team. I cost a lot of pixeltruppen lives.
  2. Tank sims set to be limited by looming worldwide shortage of words to add to "Steel" in the title...
  3. That smoke delivery effect... 👍 Very nice!
  4. Sorry i won't be able to make it on Sunday - will be out of the country. Enjoy.
  5. See you there this week. Someone else's turn in the barrel.
  6. 12 years for me and hasn't missed a beat. That said, i have now probably crueled myself.
  7. Was a nice session with a tricky scenario, but lots of shooting and explosions.
  8. I'll be there to help my cunning plan fall apart at first contact.
  9. Sorry about last week - looking forward to this week.
  10. Penetrator heading to T90 by way of ASLAV (AI blue on blue). Ouch.
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