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  1. Hey D u k e, sorry you had a hardware problem. It was a fantastic scenario, with lots of action, you would have loved it. Mac did a great job managing a very high level of activity.
  2. Say, 2 buildings along from their present one - less than 100m. I've also tried changing the building i want them to go to, with no improvement.
  3. Sorry for reanimating this old thread, but I'm interested in the mechanism that sometimes stops dismounts from leaving buildings during the course of clearing an objective in a village. I will give an engage or assault order from a building my dismounts have occupied, to another building, with a hold waypoint at the end, and sometimes the unit will refuse to leave the first building, or leave it and return to it, even when not under fire. I generally assumed that this was caused by AI awareness of nearby enemies, but I've also seen it occur when there were no enemy at the objective building or on the way. I also wondered if it occurred when the dismount unit was too far from its supporting vehicle. I haven't found any definitive explanation through searching - wondering if anyone has insights? smith
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