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  1. Well, it seems to look pretty and runs well on my old machine, but I'm stuffed if I can get my tank to move! Can start the engine, adjust throttle and change gears and no matter whether the brake's on or off, she just sits there.
  2. Guys - just a heads-up. An Alpha demo for T34 vs Tiger appears to be out! Links here (seems to be the only place I can find where it's mentioned). http://www.simhq.com/forum/ubbthread...# Post2334635 The Russian language links also give a torrent option if you hate rapidshare. I laboriously downloaded the dmeo last night but haven't tried it yet (tonight maybe). Hmm - if the hyperlink doesn't work on this forum, go to SimHq's forum for this sim. smith Edit - here's the links direct from the post at SimHQ: 1 single mission in T-34/85 (280 Mbyte) http://rapidshare.com/files/54089810/t34.part1.rar.html http://rapidshare.com/files/54095793/t34.part2.rar.html http://rapidshare.com/files/54100932/t34.part3.rar.html mirror http://ifolder.ru/3291694 http://ifolder.ru/3291879 http://ifolder.ru/3292022
  3. And a last atmospheric one from the 73 Easting scenario.
  4. Here's a nice looking shot (I reckon) from some offline play tonight.
  5. Hey Torak, as Skybird says, he tinkers a little with photoshop, plus I think most people take screens like Skybird's in the briefing screen, when you can manipulate the camera a lot more to get interesting angles. I prefer to take my shots in-game using the views that are available, partly because I prefer them that way but also because I'm incompetent at photoshoppery!
  6. Hey Charlie - they are in the CV90 tutorials and I believe they are called: Commander 10 Breaching.sce Commander 09 Infantry.sce cheers smith
  7. A few shots from some of the CV90 tutorials. Combined arms tutorial - arty going in ahead, with enemy APC burning in foreground Calling the dismounts back to the AFV A mech infantry platoon advancing, with others in view A shot from the mineclearing tutorial - the CV90 comes with a mine plow and in this tut, you clear a path through to a disabled CV90, evacuate the wounded crew and bring them to a casevac location. Here the casevac helo is landing, with the aid M113 alongside. Hope you enjoyed them. I also posted these over at SimHQ. smith
  8. Here's a couple of shots from a CV90 tutorial. I liked the look of destruction.
  9. Can't tonight sorry - next week, or weekend for sure.
  10. Yep, that was great fun (first time online for me for quite a while). Good that you could get there Stewey!
  11. Still kicking, but been on holidays, laying on the beach!
  12. Thanks for posting these pics chaps - keep em coming!
  13. Woo-hoo! Worked fine this morning. Password prompt came up and stick successfully updated. Huzzah! Only strange thing is, it's not possible to select Exit on the process window, or by right clicking the Codemeter icon in the taskbar...
  14. Nils, an update. Still not working for me. Followed instructions, but didn't get prompted for a password. Selected Process Update etc, a progress bar starts and get a process failed message. In the CM log window (Event Viewer) it says "TCP/IP connection to Field Update Server is not available". Tried it with firewall off, reboot etc. Stick works fine and will run the sim. Maybe the update server is down? Any help appreciated. cheers smith
  15. Hmm, update failed message here Nils. Didn't get prompted for a password. I'll try again and report back. smith
  16. Take lots of photos and videos Mace! smith
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