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  1. It was a fun session, with lots of tricky challenges - great scenario design. On a new map (an African one) which is beautiful, but made for some tricky wayfinding for the AI (those low, spreading African trees have plenty of places to get stuck in) and the busy roadside clutter environments are challenging for the AI to drive past.
  2. Sorry to hear that Mark - they've been advertising some downtime around my area too, but so far hasn't affected me.
  3. Road construction is poor in whatever country that is. 😀
  4. Nice shots Lumi - I'll add some of mine. I had a shocker last night, completely bewildered by the goings-on most of the time and after the first engagements with 3A I left them exposed in front of that thick forest while I fooled around with a Jav team. I cost a lot of pixeltruppen lives.
  5. Tank sims set to be limited by looming worldwide shortage of words to add to "Steel" in the title...
  6. That smoke delivery effect... 👍 Very nice!
  7. Sorry i won't be able to make it on Sunday - will be out of the country. Enjoy.
  8. See you there this week. Someone else's turn in the barrel.
  9. 12 years for me and hasn't missed a beat. That said, i have now probably crueled myself.
  10. Was a nice session with a tricky scenario, but lots of shooting and explosions.
  11. I'll be there to help my cunning plan fall apart at first contact.
  12. Sorry about last week - looking forward to this week.
  13. Penetrator heading to T90 by way of ASLAV (AI blue on blue). Ouch.
  14. I should be good that evening too - wife is away for the night on a work trip, so will need to batten down the children as early as possible.
  15. The frag mapping is pretty amazing. I like the new tracer effects too. The terrain and roads are looking very nice.
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