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  1. I play exclusively single player. I would probably try multiplayer if it was not for the fact that I live in the middle of nowhere and have a rural internet connection that is pretty hit or miss. But thus far, I've been a single player guy.
  2. Thanks for the tip, Homer! I'm retired military, and my wife is still working in the medical profession, so I have a lot of Steel Beasts time while she's at the hospital. So that 8,760 hours will likely go by pretty quick. But if I understand it, you get an on-screen warning when you're getting close, at which point I'll either renew or buy a CodeMeter stick. This is rapidly becoming quite a hobby for me. I forgot how much I used to love the original Steel Beasts, and Steel Beasts Pro PE is everything that I always wished the original was. And with the new terrain engine coming, it
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome back, everyone! I downloaded the complete pack of "Camp Hornfelt" missions and "Tanks, Again", and did some reading at the links. Thanks for the tips! I now know where to find answers when I have questions, and hopefully the extra missions will help me to get back up to speed. Yeah, I'm thinking that the CodeMeter stick might be my next move Renegade-623, closer to the time when my one year license runs out.
  4. I played the original Steel Beasts a lot many years ago, long after the 640x480 resolution would have caused me to dump another game. I just liked it too much to give it up, but I finally moved on. I've been meaning to get into Steel Beasts Pro PE since its inception, but just never seemed to get it done. But finally, I bought a one year license the other day. Damn, it's good to be back! I won't be giving this up again! So now I've got a year to decide whether to buy a CodeMeter stick, or to stick with annual renewal. But one way or another, Steel Beasts Pro
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