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  1. lul. not use to the commander seat int he M60, so spent some time trying to look with the binocs but could seen anything other than a few tracers at the start.
  2. While we didn't have a big session, did have some fun co-op with Nate afterwords. But also go this shot during the session:
  3. I can make this session: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20200102T0300 I saw the post about yesterdays being canceled and made other plans. Didn't see that it was back on until after the fact.
  4. https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20191227T0300 This one here is the 26th, tomorrow, for me.
  5. I did say I can make all 3 of those. If you ran a session any of those 3 days, I would be there. I can be in a session on 12-26. I can be in a session 1-1. I can be in a session 1-2. I am able to attend the sessions on the three dates and times you listed.
  6. I can make all 3 of those. Not sure about the Friday games since I've never had a good experience during TGIF.
  7. And the last time I played SB was about 3 months ago. And the last time I logged into the forums was many weeks ago. So today is the first I have seen of this post. I'm typically available most evenings after 7pm pst: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20191225T030000&p1=127 I also cant sit on Teamspeak all day in the hopes that one or two other people would show up.
  8. Sorry I don't check the forums daily. I live on the US west coast, -8 GMT. And I work Thursday though Monday.
  9. Came here to check and see if maybe there was finally a weekday game. But the dates, like every event, are on days I cant make.
  10. Thanks, I'll give that a shot this week and report back.
  11. That's what I would think. But when we tried it we where locked to a position and unable to change. And they weren't the positions we wanted and had agreed on. I was going to be TC, another player driver, and another gunner. But once we started, I was locked to the driver, the player was supposed to be the driver was in the gunner seat, and the gunner was in TC. And each time we would restart the session it would be a different order of who was what.
  12. So reading the briefing for the "Tanks! Again" scenario I see that it supports multi crew. So a few weeks ago I got around to get 2 other people to want to try it out and we decided to have a fully crewed tank. But we kept running into the issue of not being able to select our roll in the tank. The scenario starts us off in a supply truck. We activate the trigger for the tank we want. And then when we move to the tank on the map it never gave us an option of who was driver, or gunner or TC. Is there a step I'm missing? Is the briefing incorrect? Is this a bug?
  13. I could. If we get a few people up for a co-op mission or some small h2h.
  14. I was thinking this as well. I did some poking around and read that there was a Discord, but it fell apart. And as I said and you can agree, we probably don't want to sit on team-speak waiting, or sit hovering over the forums. If we had something planed and organized like the TGIF games but say on a Wednesday I think that could also work and may be good. Like I said in my original post, one of the things that kept me away was my work schedule and the game schedule. Seeing that I work weekends and seeing that a majority of the games are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I knew I was going to have a hard time finding people to games to play in.
  15. Since I have no idea how to use infantry. I would have spent most of the game trying to figure out what to do. And that wouldn't have been any fun for me.
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