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  1. Noob Lead STRV122/Leopard and language

    Hi all, YES!!! Thanks all for this noob troubbleshooting! It was the controll settings.
  2. Noob Lead STRV122/Leopard and language

    Rotareneg: thanks for the info will check my settings.
  3. Noob Lead STRV122/Leopard and language

    Colebrook: Well I do not get any "red box" when trying to activate dyn.lead (P or Mmouse) my settings is on medium. Would someone care to post a screenshot of the "red box"? I have tried (tutorial 3) stv and leo2E no red box. I tried the M2A2 (tutorial 4), and there I can see a red box with the name palm switch off, if I press P or Mmouse I can steer the sight. If I release I can not.. dont know if this is d.lead Ssnake: will try to post when I see it.
  4. Noob Lead STRV122/Leopard and language

    Thanks Ssnake, but sometimes the same tutorial will be in English and sometimes in Swedish. I do understand English but just odd that I do not get the same result.
  5. Noob Lead STRV122/Leopard and language

    Thanks all, will check.
  6. Hi All, It was my lucky day when I got the info that steel beats existed. I have been playing WOT for a cuple of years, but "pay to win" is no fun and not a sim. But I got a cuple of questions for you veterans. 1. As a Swede I found it cool to hear and read in swedish, the only thing is despite I have shoosen swedish sometimes the training mission is in english and sometimes in Swedish?!? This changes from time to time. One day all the training mission are in swedish and some time not?!? 2. Right now I´m training Dynamic lead (mission 3), but nothing works. I do not see any changes of the projectile if I press P or Mmouse lase and fire. The projectile travel the same way as not pressing P or Mmouse. And belive me I have tried. Can I somehow in the gunner sight see when dy. lead is activated? I saw a clip on youtube for the American abrams tank. And you could see the whole sight move when dyn. lead was used. On STRV and LEOPARD nothing to my knowlege.