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  1. But ! Baby ! I was drunk and She started kissing me ! (me busted by my wife, too be!Not!! with her hot younger sister)LoL
  2. Why buy when u can get it for free !! Found this great web site with ww2 footage Ive never seen ! http://www.archive.org/search.php?query=creator%3A%22National%20Archives%20and%20Records%20Administration%22&sort=-downloads&page=1
  3. Too ! All U poor bastard's ! No Free Lunch? So quit your bitching and just fork it over and Enjoy !! Im Going too !!! U wouldnt be here if you didnt love it so much ! like me !!
  4. From the land of fine wine,bread, and pasti , comes too you a new tank design. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=16f_1224709464
  5. BMP-3M My kind of ATV with 30mm auto cannon-100mm cannon and ant-tank missiles Yea!!
  6. Ssnake!You belong to us!
  7. Let me tell u that Ive seen a lot of snakes common to the western USA and Ived walked up on rattlers that dont rattle, snakes on animals trails that dont move is you walk by and Ive seen three times rattlesnakes floating ,coilled up ,riding the wave,lol, in lakes whe'll Im fishing for bass, the first time I throught it was a cow pie floating in the water (in the middle of the Fu@king lake) but when we got closer to it,we couldnt believe eyes it was a diamond-back rattlesnake, tryed to bite at the my fishing pole as i poked at it !!!
  8. the right stuff > Chuck Yeager
  9. What will be next ? hahahahahahaha At first i didnt know what u guys where talking about but now I know ! hes a Royal-Fruit-Head. I think he-she-or It! should be reporting the Top Ten Strap On Dilldoe's and Butt Plugs.
  10. I've seen this happen before with rattlesnakes in S.E Colorado, damm things still can bite after death. Evil !!! Steped on one for my 30th bithday when I was all drunk out of my head and the f@cking thing cruyed around my foot and all I could do was kick as hard as I could and my boot whent flying off my foot with the snake, and I took off running back to my truck . Ever found my boot ! didnt want to go back ! Lol . http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=ee8_1222934622
  11. HawkEye


    Posted by Sergei 70 years ago West Europe has sold Chehoslovakia, as whore, for Fashists Germany. England, France, Germany and others countries had begun WW2. ( Remember who send Russia the Food-Weapons-Machine Tools to destroy Germanys war machine. It was the United States Of America ! And did you ever pay us back ? No! You Pig !) And now USA with his slave - NATO wants to make the harm on Earth!!! (Only in bed and to the End !) God save us from USA and NATO!!! ( Thank God We Didnt Push the Button and Kill Us All !) And Russia will help to God!!! ( What now they believe in God there ?) P.S.
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