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  1. DragonD

    Start Error

    Hello, I just saw that there was a new update so I wanted to try it out. Installed everything from new and got this Start Error, I will attach the screenshot of it. Did I do something wrong by the setup?
  2. Okay thank you. I thought it will be a seperate shop thats why I asked. Im happy that it will be finally possible for me to play it, cant wait for it !
  3. Thank you ! When the new web shop opens where do I find the link to it ?
  4. Hello, I played the game in like 2018 and got it through OkaySoft website. I wanted to buy the license but I saw that OkaySoft isnt selling it anymore and the only options on this site are credit cards (which I dont own). Is there info regarding a new third party reseller like OkaySoft or in general more payment options? I hope im not spamming or something, havent been for a long time. I appreciate any help.
  5. Oh, thats bad because I cant defeat a T80 with smoke shells I cant reload either it wont let me do it. Thanks anyway for your response! DragonD
  6. Hello, so first of all Im pretty new to this game and I need some help. When I was playing Instant Action my tank changed the ammo I was using without me telling him to. Is there a way to disable that or not ? DragonD
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