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  1. Cheers I made the assumption that all bridges were crossable lol! Assume makes an Ass Out Of You And Me. Now my full force can enter the enemy AO!
  2. Having good fun in the editor, however AI keep getting stuck in rivers! Using March and File formation. Any advice on how to get them across without this mishap? Thanks
  3. Hi Is there a way to place an Infantry squad in a building in the mission editor? Ai seem to stay still on mission start, even though I have given them routes. How do I make them automatically start moving on mission start? Thanks
  4. I am using the TM WH. On the Challenger 2, in gunnery range I am having a nightmare. First detent appears to fire main, but the second detent on trigger changes to Coax MG. It is also changing to heat randomly. Does anyone know the nest settings for this sim on that joystick? Cheers
  5. Hi I have a Warthog joystick currently working. Can I set up pedals to turn and the throttle for acceleration and brake? If so how do I do it? Thanks
  6. Having some issues after lase, can't get the fcs to auto track. Any advice would be great.
  7. Excellent mate will look at this when I finish work:-) Thinking this game will give my the military fix I still need!!
  8. I think i’ll Keep it realistic and define the end within the briefing. Is there a way to put inf into a bunker on the map? Can movement be triggered when a friendly enters an area? thanks
  9. Hi I was involved in Op Agricola in Kosovo 1999. I would love to see a representation of the northern mountainous border with Serbia. I was Infantry Mechanised during this and there was a massive playground which is very interesting for armoured warfare. It was a pitty that our fast air and Apache support left barely nothing for us!! This area might also be of interest for the current military customers! Thanks Gary
  10. Hi guys I am getting to grips and realising how deep this sim is! I am ok in unit placement and routes etc! What is the best way to create an ending? 1. End when all en forces are dead? 2. When an objective is under control? whats the best way to set up? also is there a way to scrip custom voice overs? Thanks in advance! I’m an ex UK infantry British soldier who has finally found a sim worthwhile! Gary
  11. Glock

    Beginner issues

    Regarding the mouse pointer, from the forum it seems a common issue, without a fix. How can I give a closer look at what’s going on? All I can confirm is this is the only application in which the pointer is missing. I am using an ASUS 4K screen. I have tried 1080p as recommended, however the issue is still present. Surely there is some way to work out the issue. Cheers for support so far!
  12. Glock

    Beginner issues

    Hi I am at the point of frustration! I have a 6700k i7 with EVGA 1080, 32 Ram and SSD running win 10 home. I have managed to get borderless full screen, however performance is atrocious for my rig. Q1: How do I run in full screen in any resolution? I have tried 1080, 2k and 4K to no avail. I have used all the tips and command line tweaks and on every full screen resolution the mouse pointer is missing. Q2: Where are all the scenarios in the vanilla game? All I see is a bugged older Egyptian campaign. Im an ex uk infantry soldier who has a decent knowledge in current computer technologies, however I get the feel that this game has not evolved to be compatible with current systems, especially Win 10 and newer hardware. any advice would be much appreciated! Gary
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