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  1. this fixed the issue! I had only port 2300 open. I opened up port 2400 as well. he was able to successfully connect.
  2. is it possible that there could be files conflicting? we're both running the same version of the game, and as far as I know i'm not running any mods (honestly can't remember, i'll have to check) i would like to think that is ports were the issue it simply wouldn't appear at all for him, so im leaning towards the idea that maybe there's in incompatibility of some kind in the files essentially, im trying to find someone else to try and join my session if possible. if they can join, the issue is on his end, if not, its on my end
  3. Trying to play with a friend over network session, and every time he attempts to join my session he receives an error saying simply "Error joining session". He just downloaded this program, so i doubt its any issues with files on his end, and i reinstalled my copy to no avail. My ports are open; the session appears in the list for him. I'm at a loss, anyone have any ideas?
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