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  1. Hi Snnake, Actually, you and I have conversed in the recent past via email on this topic: I've tried just having the Stick and disconnecting the Throttle stick.. same issue. I unplug and plug in the 3D Pro.. works just fine 😕
  2. Yes, 100% positive. I use the X56 mostly for my DCS flight sim games, but it works fine with other games (Arma III, Enemy Engaged, Flight Sim 2020, etc.). SB will not detect any axis movements or buttons. So now i'm stumped.
  3. Hi Gibsonm, yes I tried that as well. It does show my controller as preferred device. Tried with just the stick and not the throttle as well, no change 😕
  4. Hi everyone, I am having an issue with getting the game to recognize my HOTAS (X56). I have a Logitech 3D Pro, and if I connect that, it works fine. However, my Saitek X56 is not recognized on the key binding. I sees the device, but none of the buttons will map in the controller setup up screen. The only other option I have not tried is to map all the keys with the Saitek Programming software. Any ideas you can throw my way to try.
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