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  1. ... Thanks for the up-date.. G Hopefully, this Christmas will be one of the better one's.. Ls
  2. ... A playable Challenger 2, oh my.. That may wake up the sleeping giant within me. So is this happened already (can't figure how old this thread may be) this past Dec or is this for upcoming Dec/11 ? Hmmm, just thinking about those unique sounds of both, tank treads on the move and the sound of the_gun/s and all those red letters messaged - destroyed Dec, uh..? I'll be watching "and waiting" Best to all, Ls
  3. ... I'll check it out for ya and see what I find out and get back to ya soon.. Not speaking for him, directly, but I have a good source that said something to the effect - He's gone into deep cover - I'll see if I can get him to make contact Until then, my best (to one of the_greats) Ls
  4. ... Luckiest water crash, then, recovery/take-off I've ever seen.. Change of clothing and rank followed is my bet. Ls Ps.. Happy New Year to ya all
  5. ... ~ I'll be back ~ Happy Thanksgiving - "everyone" Ls
  6. ... I've got your back ~ in Spirit ~ And if you get lost, I know you'll make "good time" My best to, you, your men, and "all involved" in trying to help mankind in a 3000 + year mess of not growing-up, and becoming more flexible, with the rest of the evolving world, over there. Ls
  7. ... This has a similar ring to it.. lol Best time, and only time, of online MP battles, to date.. Great friends, great Company's A, B, C, D, few disappointments My best to all, past and present Luck, Ls
  8. ... Oh yes, Scott aka Archangel.. The only field commander, you name it, that I could never beat, one on one, even in Ghost Town (one of my favorites) when I had him down to 1 tank and I had 4 remaining.. The guy moved like cat, did just the opposite of what I, you, did.. And the one time, during a critical battle, during one of the TGIF Best out of, IIRC, 7 games, he came in at the last minute, we all "saved our battle plans" and went back to the, I forget what it was called, ok, let's call it the_staging area. And, as fate would have it, it was our turn, to choose.. (perfect!!) It was me CO of the team, Brun XO of our team and no sooner than we started the planning stage, again to bring Scott up to speed, with the game-plan, Scott/Archangel jumped right in and started making the game plan.. lol, and Brun, being fearless and the best XO one could have, jumped his shit and told him to shut the fuck up, lol, as Brun and I had made the plan 4 days before the battle, going over it twice, making changes (Brun's input) and Scott went silent, but of course, remained a "deadly silent warrior" and we devastated the other team and took the series, 7 - 0 undefeated, eventually. Priceless days, moments, and I understand, totally, why Scott is where he is.. He loves it, Ls
  9. ... Merry Christmas to all of ya, (you know who ya are) and wish us all a better and happier New Year.. And for any with the opposite view, here ya go : My best, Ls
  10. ... Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year.. all Ls
  11. ... Likewise my friend, likewise.. Now all I have to do is find my headphones and mic, somewhere under my desk for the last year and see if they still work.. lol That would be great, a little TS reunion to catch up on times, and to give the new Battledog (Vac's babe) a little boom box time.. hehehe Name the time and place we can all make it, as I should have "no excuse" not to make it.. Really nice seeing and hearing you "all" again.. Ls
  12. ... Well, we all agree on the value of Dogs, that's for sure, and the heartache that comes with each, that we come to the end of the trail with, but never forget.. Hope things are well with you too, TH.. All I know is some day, some how, their spirits will come back and jump into a puppy (this time) and when that day comes (the wife says ok) I'm getting 2 puppys, a boy and a girl, and their spirits will jump into both of them (all 7) and they will look like, from this: A little better perception of RC (big boy) To this, I have no doubts: When the right time comes (Fate) I'll know them when I see them.. Just like you knew Vac.. and you'll know, KT, if you get another dog. KT, RC died from bladder cancer, which we had a tube inserted where the cancer growth (non-operable) blocked his means of peeing, but that bought him, and us, 4 of the most wonderful months of quality time, as he never complained, or acted, like he had an operation.. He had the same-look of pride like in the pic (3rd month after the operation) but as warned, by the Dr., it would quickly spread to all parts of his body when it happens and, when it did, it went into his lungs.. But RC had that same look on our last day together, till the very end, when he went to sleep in my arms. Best thing that ever happened to me in life, (the dogs) and worst/deepest scars, 7 of them. But they find their way back home, that I know.. Don't we all? As SB (forum) is "home" to me, always will be.. Ls
  13. ... Yes KT, that was BattleDog.. Thanks for remembering him, as the same memory goes for you, and many others in here, for me as well. My best, (to you "all") Ls
  14. ... Nice to see the 4th Horseman (Poker) is still around.. Numbers 1-8 are still on an extended, classified, mission.. But they involve real guns.. for this one. When the time is right, we shall gather again for an SB hunt.. I wish you all well, Ls Ps.. I/we have a new email addy, PM me if needed FYI, ~ RIP ~ *Nov 16, 2000.. RC and me, *one month, before the changes of 8yrs began.. For those that come back and happen to take a glance.. nice seeing ya
  15. ... A worthy post steve, and so true about this very unique community.. Sorry to post so late, but I don't see many "new" post that catch my eye or any responce from this end that hasn't been asked and answered 100+ times.. lol Welcome back and thanks for what you and all the others are fighting for.. Many a great battles with ya and against ya, but ya always showed class in the victories and the same in some of the loses.. Hurry back to putting steel on target and spread more of that class-act around as I will never forget all the good times on the same team with ya, and on the teams against ya.. Just great battles. My best to ya, Ls
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