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  1. ... :lol: I'd rather herd cats > mount-up the dogs
  2. ... how can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat > ask your girlfriend
  3. ... no price quoted > free sample :arrow: LS :arrow:
  4. ... No, but chk out all the screen shots in post ~ all right you SB pro pe meatheads.. listen up ~ thread Just use your imagination of them moving with GREAT SOUNDS, along with comments of so many that say it's all Awesome!! Take it from me, I'm IMPRESSED as it gets.. with PRO and its 3D engine. It really REALLY shows the difference between 1999, and 2006 as far as what your eyes saw in SB1 and now PRO PE.. it's incrediable.. Even the M1 sights, with my unliked wingman 3D pro wireless are sweet, and stable, when you lase, from what I dealt with in SB1 using the same joystick. Hard to believe is best I can come up with for the whole package Don't get me wrong here, there are some problems, both with my new PC and sim, along with my wingman joystick and getting the profiler to work. But that's because I'm not a PC specialist, I think.. lol LS
  5. ... LMAO.. she told me where the dongle goes > TK, did you check there? :oops:
  6. ... Daddy, I'm going to a friend's to study > sex education
  7. ... :arrow: That's the way to get our bashfull, shy, friend to open up.. LOL LS :wink:
  8. ... 40lb. steak > she said; "or are you just glad to see me?"
  9. PIGS IN SPACE! > "WARNING WILL ROBINSON!" LS (was here again)
  10. ... russia > White Russian LS (was here)
  11. ... let's kick ass Gentlemen > IVU's TGIF, Gentlemen
  12. ... oui, du monsieur > need translation
  13. ... Oh, beehave! > I wanna shag your tanks
  14. ... Kansas > Tornado alley :shock:
  15. ... Is now open > drinks are on me..
  16. ... when's the next meeting? > it was 2hrs ago, we missed it.. hic, hic.. :lol:
  17. ... Aliens land from Mars and demand Earth's women > War of the Worlds
  18. I got the mre's> Ack! Give me something to flush this shit down with! ... Ack! Give me something to flush this shit down with > R-EE-P it and weep :roll:
  19. ... with some fava beans, and a nice chianti > you're invited to dinner :shock:
  20. ... to the end of the line > path to nowhere
  21. ... fall down go boom > another-one bites the dust
  22. ... just ad water > shaken, not stirred
  23. ... KIss my grass > and take out the trash
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