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  1. Many thanks for last night's mission and tutorial by Mark. Very much appreciated and I learned quite a bit.
  2. Are we using the SB teamspeak? If so I have it set up already
  3. OK Sunday 15th is fine for me at 8pm GMT for 1 hour. Anyone else coming along?
  4. I'd be up for a newbie session as I am very much a newbie at SB myself, if the time is right
  5. Thanks, maybe I should join in on a game to try it out. I'll look out for some ad hoc games coming up. Thanks
  6. Hi, I've just got this sim on the lifetime licence, although the CodeMeter stick has yet to arrive, I am using the included 30 day at the moment. I'm in to the hardcore sim genre of combat vehicles and systems so this is right up my street!. I'm starting to learn the gunnery tutorials and have a long way to go yet before I'm competent enough to participate online, although I do aim to do that eventually! I'm looking forward to maybe fighting alongside some of you on a virtual battlefield in the future.
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