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  1. KiwiXO

    CZ Studios Skins

    Hello Congo! _Thank_ _You_ _Very_ _Much_ Your skins work really well and are just the ticket for us! Keep up the good work! (And, ahem, may I present the Order of the Golden Kiwi upon you!) Yours simcerely, Moonbeam
  2. HALT!...... I command you!!!!> Come to the Dark Side of the Force
  3. Version 1.0


    This is a demo using vehicle emplacements to make a static defensive position(s); For Training Purposes Only. Compiled from various Unclassified sources, these positions (three company groups) can be copied onto other maps as required. See mission text for full details. Your comments are welcome.
  4. Hello 12Alfa, How did the CAT go? Question(s): Would you include the Driver in the Crew,or just the Crew Comd and Gunner? Is it static (you could have targets "spawn" and "Remove killed" when hit to appear like "pop-up/disappearing" targets) or is it a "Battle Run"? Thank you for your time and Seasons Greetings! Yours simcerely, KiwiXO MOONBEAM
  5. Thanks Ssnake, all sticks successfully updated here - thank you very much.
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