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  1. Sorry to be a real pain the arse, but where should I dump all the new maps/scenarios I've downloaded from the Downloads section of these forums? I'm using the most current version - SB Pro P.E. 4.023 - and I'm on Windows 10. The folders I have found have been: * C:\Users\user's name\AppData\Roaming\eSim Games\Steel Beasts - options - records * C:\Users\user's name\AppData\Local\eSim Games\Steel Beasts - temp Tex C:\Users\user's name\Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts - AAR - export - kml - logs - media - mods - My Callsign Templates - My Operations - My Scenarios - My Unit Template - reports - savedImages * = hidden folder
  2. Just purchased this game/simulation after watching numerous YouTube videos of Matsimus in multiplayer engagements. Since downloading I've been playing for five hours straight! I have used other battle management simulators in an intensive multiplayer setting and I regularly play War Thunder. This is the first game/sim I've used that integrates the gamey click-and-shoot with the tactical battle management simulation. To be honest, I don't care so much about the click-and-shoot side of it (I'll just play War Thunder for that). I'm more interested in the battle management simulation aspect and desire to make my own maps/scenarios with training outcomes. I hope one day soon I can fully figure out the controls and other things so that I can link up with a few of you to do some co-operative simulatons.
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