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  1. Away SBPRO Users

    Away on Holiday in Spain, first people I meet are SBPRO users Spanish locals, cool. Small world and all that,
  2. Protractor

    Thanks will try it, good job
  3. Protractor

    Can see how this will be useful, gets my vote. Good job
  4. We love videos

    Another excellent video, thank you
  5. M1A2SEP Bad Dog

    Great work, love it, Thank you
  6. Bad Dog

    Love it , thank's will be using your M1A2 for sure
  7. Video Thread

    Another good one Matsimus, thxs
  8. We love videos

    Nice thxs
  9. We love videos

    Good video, watched earlier. Love these vids and helpful to a novice. Thxs
  10. M2A2-M3A2 Bradley

    Excellent work, love the detail and of course the dirt. Thanks for your time and the work put into your mods. Highly recommend, Thank you
  11. M2A2-M3A2 Bradley

    Yep i like it excellent work, love the dirt thank you
  12. We love videos

    Watched this, you guys posting these videos help a lot of us, I'm not ready for online atm keep the videos coming. Love them. Thanks
  13. Skin Request (dejawolf...)

    Looks pretty good to me mate. Crack on don't sell yourself self short top stuff pal
    Thank you, good desert skin
  14. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    What he said, anything really, pretty good as it is