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  1. 32Bravo

    Hungarian Leopards

    Interesting paint scheme, like it 😃
  2. My apologies, i can be sarcastic but don't mean to be rude, guess this lockdown aint helping anyone 👍 😉
  3. Friendly Banter works, , common sense is like deodorant those that need it most don't use it ....
  4. Never used to back up, had a similar problem last year, now back up on an external drive, got love pc stuff lol 😊
  5. Just noticed this. Love it Don't understand lack of comments here mind ya like, guess not everyone appreciates the work that goes in, Cheers pal 😃 👍
    Love it, Excellent work mate, will defo use,cheers
    Thanks, looks good 👍
  6. AT-14 Spriggan Is a beast and i understand BMP 3 has them fitted these days....
  7. Away on Holiday in Spain, first people I meet are SBPRO users Spanish locals, cool. Small world and all that,
  8. Another excellent video, thank you
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