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  1. "The time counts from the moment of first use, not from the date of purchase, or the date of license activation" Fine! Well, it seems that you guys were right, i didn't even receive the activation mail, i was tricked into thinking that it was the same as the "order confirmation mail" by the attachment icon (see pic below) and i thought that the e-mail filter filtered out that specific attachment as there wasn't any inside it! Your mail Ssnake showed me that it was a completely different mail.... now the point is: if i am going to purchase
  2. I don't think that this is going to work, wait a moment. The mail arrived to me, no spam folder or anything else, simply the attached license was removed from the mail. For example once i sent an ".exe" file to a friend and i had to change the extension to ".jpg" in order to deceive the email filters and allow for the file to be sent and received, my friend then just changed the extension back to ".exe" et voilĂ ! So sending the mail again wont work at 99,99% (but if you want to try...), so if you can trick the filters as i did i think it is going to work fine (or file transfer thro
  3. Hello Ssnake, sure something went wrong, anyway i don't think i've made any typo as i always check carefully the mail name and anyway i would have missed it twice Thinking that there were some problems with my mail i wrote my phone number on the second contact form to allow someone from e-sim to contact me through Whatsapp or Telegram, but again no answer... I'm gonna send via pm my email address to you, thanks a lot EDIT: ok not possible to pm you, i'm gonna write it here but i will delete it from my post as soon as you will answer back to me (safety reasons, just th
  4. Hello tankers and everyone, i think that the title says it all already... i've purchased a 1 month license and received the mail properly but the attached license (or link?) have been blocked/censored by the email filter. Then i tried twice to contact e-sim games through the contact module on their website but i've received no answer aaaand.... well, 6 days have already passed by and i still cannot play the simulation, plus i'm wasting days i've paid for Any help?
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