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  1. Steelbeasts pro not starting

    I had to do a repair on the C++ redist on my Win10 laptop to get SB to start when I bought it. There wasnt an error, it just didnt do anything. No logs, nothing. I think I repaired the 64 and 32 bit versions.
  2. ATGM minimum ranges?

    Are minimum ranges for the ATGM's currently modeled? I thought they werent fully implemented yet, but I got killed by an Egyptian AT3 crew I was charging. Im sure I was inside the minimum of uh 500 meters is it?
  3. Infantry volume of fire or lack thereof

    Thanks Red, yes I need to add the avatar. Id like to join an MP session but Im still in this part of the learning curve: Battlesight tank! where?? I don't se- OOF! Destroyed
  4. Infantry volume of fire or lack thereof

    Thanks for the insights guys. I did try your suggestions of setting their quality levels to the rank under elite(normal maybe?) and setting the defenders to suppress, there did seem to be a bit more fire.
  5. Infantry volume of fire or lack thereof

    I havent actually tried the skill level or the suppress options, I guess I was hoping the AI would know to do it automatically. I can say though that the claymores break up Soviet infantry assaults every bit as well as I was taught. I'll try your suggestions thanks.
  6. Having a blast since buying, only problem is Im spending more time in the mission editor than playing scenarios. The thing Ive noticed is when infantry engages infantry there doesn't seem to be a lot of "fury" as Id expect. Unless the sound effects aren't synched to the firing. Does increasing the troop skill level help?