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  1. Thanks guys. V4.25 is great and thanks for the good work.
  2. Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but I would like to see the ability to divide/attach units during the planning phase. I see that allowing troops to mount/dismount made it in to V4.250 ( thanks guys). Would it be possible to have the Attach/Divide option as well?
  3. Got to agree with this. It seems to me to be a better choice. As for hand wheels, no. I could never justify the expense just for a few vehicles in one game.
  4. Had a feeling that might be the problem. Anyway dream on. Thanks
  5. I haven't read through all 279 pages of this topic, so please tell me if it has already been mentioned. One thing I would like to see is exploding or disappearing trees and bushes after an artillery strike. At present you can pour HE and ICM all over a forest and nothing happens, it still looks like it did before the strike and gives the same amount of cover.
  6. Thanks Gibsonm. I remember seeing that a while back but couldn't remember where. Thanks again
  7. Thanks for the info guys. Whilst I've got your attention maybe you could help me with another minor problem I;m having. If I am in a F/O team and use F7, F2, N and call for fire, do I need to enter the Attitude in the drop down menu or is it read from the thermal optic as per the range?
  8. Mirzayev, thanks very much. I will try a few scenarios and try to keep them hidden. I would seem that I have been using them wrongly. They mostly seem to get killed by blundering into an enemy position of which I am unaware. Shame that the special recon and security skills aren't modeled. Thanks again Steve
  9. This may be a little bit of an ...err"Newbie" type question, and I apologise now if I may have missed it in the hand book. In several scenarios I find that there are "Scout Teams" (varying between 2 and 6 soldiers) as well as ordinary infantry. In some scenarios there are "Scout Teams" as well as "Forward Observers". My question is. 1/ What do the "Scout Teams" do that the ordinary infantry don't or can't do (apart from getting killed in record time)? 2/ What can they not do that that a "F/O" can? 3/ Most importantly, how can I use them effectively and keep them
  10. Right... Okay....apologies all round....beers on me. I have just played it again and have realised that I made a fatal error. I forgot to right click the mouse when using the LRF. This of course gives a range of ZERO, so I can only assume that the off map artillery blew them selves away with the first salvo. (Hangs head in shame). My apologies again and thank you for your assistance. So sorry. Steve
  11. I will if it happens again, will know in about 2 hours. Thanks for your help. Steve
  12. Yes that's the one. I'm going to try the scenario again later today when the wife has gone out. I only used the LRF data from the FOs position so I did not manually type them in. It happened repeatedly in the one time I played. Thanks for your help and I will report back later If it was a one off glitch or not.
  13. Thanks for the reply Jartsev. It was in the 3D view and the realism settings on High, so no red boxes on the map. I was observing from the FO position, F7 and then F2, but no artillery landed and the enemy BMPs were not effected. I think that somehow on the scenario conversion the Off Map Artillery may have got left behind. How could I check, and reinstate if necessary, in the scenario editor as this is the first time I have used the editor?
  14. I have recently managed to convert the map for one of my favourite scenarios "Battle of the Beasts" to work in 4.162. Everything was fine until my FO team spotted a platoon of BMPs. I opened the Support tab and clicked Artillery and the fire request window popped up. I inserted the details, HE, 6 tubes etc. and Fire When Ready, Send. The splash window came up with Slash in 3.00 as normal and counted down. Then nothing happened ! Well not quite nothing, I think I could hear the fire mission but it sounded a long way off (may have been an enemy fire mission). When I played the sce
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