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  1. Hello, could I get an invite to the Kanium discord please?
  2. When I was with 1CD basically we were pure. We had Battalions that had habitual relationships. Four companies of tanks, a HHC, scout platoon in M998s, and they would swap out a company of tanks for a company of brads and then usually split one platoon off from there. But we didn’t do to much of that. Go to war organization aside.
  3. I’d definitely appreciate it. I know tanking but translating into that infernal box sometimes kicks my fanny.
  4. Gibsonm I think you might be right. And GaryOwen THANK YOU. I remember I read that book prior to enlisting, and later when I had a cavalry platoon and it still was a great read. Good scenarios to play around with.
  5. Ssnake I completely understand - the GOOD point is by the time I spend this much on a program I really want to make sure it works lol. I'm looking and thinking. If you could break it down for new install vs other. Most folks who are familiar will not experience what I did. My eyes sort of glazed over and I thought dang it I'm going to have to spend brain power on installation, not on tactics, mission building, etc. The page is a little overwhelming and I just missed what was being communicated. That is really on me, I really didn't think that hard about it. Just thought well (usin
  6. How do I load the proper maps for these scenarios? Or is that even possible?
  7. Thanks. I found part of the problems that when I installed some weren’t mapped like F1 through F3 for some reason. I’ll check on a and z but the realm question is what is the control called so I can find it in the list. Thank you!
  8. I’d very much enjoy newbie session. I love the bigger missions but I’m so behind the power curve on running SB that it’s not funny.
  9. As I'm setting up controls I used to be able to have a setting that went up, rather like climbing out of the tank from the gunner's position through the sitting TC position, to open protected and finally out. In the M1A2 I can't seem to figure out which that is now. I'm also struggling finding the right keybinds for the following: Access to the GPS. It goes to the aux sight. Access to the TC's .50. Target designate from the CITV to the gunner. I've searched the internet, watched several (old) videos, searched the forum, looked through the wiki, and the cont
  10. Afirm Gibsonm. And I'm just saying, the more user friendly software is the more people utilize it up to a point. It is counter intuitive to me, and I would imagine most folks, to install something the program needs before installing the program itself. That's all, just a gentle comment, not meant to ruffle feathers or anything.
  11. Would it be better to uninstall it all and install maps first?
  12. So, with the information you all so graciously helped provide I decided to do the reinstall. Cleared it all and did it maps then program. Target! Works like a champ loading up anyway. Sorry about it, the main install site always seemed a little tough for me to understand. Got it now though, and thanks. Now I have to try to remember how to tank.
  13. The above is the size of the maps folder. If you mean the SB Pro PE that is 5.76 GB and the SB Pro folder combined is 35.4. Gibsonm, when I launch in admin it gives me that exception error to change the file path for some reason. I'll uninstall everything and start with maps first - just felt counterintuitive to do it in that order. I'll let you all know if that works out. Thanks for the help.
  14. Would it be better to uninstall it all and install maps first?
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