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  1. @JartsevFor some reason I missed your initial post. Sheesh. Sorry man, and thanks.
  2. Not sure if I'm being dense or not but thank you very much for your help on this. I'll get started! Excited to see the new version and maybe get back into doing some online stuff with folks.
  3. I've got a CodeMeter. So what I need to purchase is the Upgrade License from version 4.0 and I should be good to go?
  4. How do I tell if I have an active license or not? Its been awhile since I bought everything and I'm unsure of what I need to purchase for an upgrade.
  5. So is there an upgrade from 4.0? I'm not seeing it if there is... Not sure I can shell out 100+ dollars again.
  6. Oh wait... This is an upgrade I have to purchase?
  7. Actually I just checked and no it isn't But I downloaded the only downloads I saw available.
  8. I installed... But I don't notice any difference or any different vehicles?
  9. Hello all, after an absence I am looking to start up Steel Beats Pro. I have 4.023 though. How do I update?
  10. Hey guys I was on but the power just went out. We’ve been having a lot of flooding and some power outages in my area in Tennessee. If it looks back on I’ll join if you all haven’t started. I’m sorry if I don’t make it!
  11. A M1A2 slot please. Thank you. American, by the way.
  12. If possible I’d love a M1 position please. I’ll probably need to be a bit early to make sure I’m set up right.
  13. Great fun! Thank you guys for letting me participate! I do apologize again. I thought I was dead and shouldn't report anymore. I should have jumped tracks and engaged! I had a blast even though outside of my main experience. Good bunch of guys, and a great plan thrown together rapidly.
  14. Had a great time gents! Sorry I’m not proficient especially as a leopard driver. Thank you!
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