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  1. Thank you, and I understand where you're coming from. I guess that's just how it is when people have direct contact to the person in charge. I don't really know what you mean by this, but anyone can play with anyone else online regardless of which aircraft they have purchased (even if it's none, since the Su-25T is free). Anyway, random thought as I've said, not really even a point for discussion. As for the og topic, I got SB Gold running so thanks to everyone for your input.
  2. I'm sorry Ssnake, I've said I'm fine with your pricing. You seem to always get mad around these matters (maybe you're not, but you sound like it) so I really don't want you to think badly of me for what was merely a transient thought. Of course I'm no one to tell you how to sell your game, I won't pretend like I can. And on that topic, I will surely get a timed license.
  3. My man, I've gotten it working the same day with dxwnd + dgvoodoo and been playing since. 125 USD isn't alot for what PRO PE offers, but how much better would it be to be able to buy individual vehicles? I'd buy a Leo 2 in a heartbeat, that's what I'm interested in. Like DCS, the perfect bussiness model. Oh well, maybe one day. Or waiting for a discount hehe
  4. I've managed to arange something privately so I'll get SB but I assume expanding your options will be good for many other people.
  5. Perhaps, but again, can't buy it as much as I want to.
  6. I'll agree with Ssnake on the abandonware topic. Of course it's not legally okay to copy old games, especially if a company is still active. And of course eSim doesn't have any obligation to publish the source code of their own product. That said, it would be quite a nice gesture to the small community aswell as an interesting experiment to see how much modders could improve it. Or make a small remaster with improved effects or something for the anniversary
  7. Well I must be lucky then, mine is working fine aside from a minor text color issue. It's no looker and quite hard but damn is it fun. The details are quite insane for 2000
  8. Late reply but I managed to get it normal with some DgVoodoo Direct3D hooks I'm honestly surprised it runs normal without a VM but everything is possible I guess. I know you can't exactly provide tech support for a 20 year old game, I just thought someone like Rotar might know what's up considering he has some videos of SB1 online. Thanks anyway though, having fun already!
  9. Hey, so I managed to get SB1 version 1.226 working on Windows 10 using DXWnd and it actually works completely fine except an annoying texture anomaly - all objects' textures are garbled, screenshots included. Everything else like the terrain, effects, trees, water, UI etc. looks perfectly fine and functional. I know SB Pro PE is much better in every way but I can't buy it since I don't own a credit card, SB1 is an amazing game regardless. I couldn't find a single example of this specific problem online though so I came here hoping someone knows what's up. I've seen some people run this game fine with DXWnd so some of you must be able to help? Thanks in advance and thank you eSim for this amazing series of games! P.S. all the textures in the models folder in the game files look completely normal and I tried reinstalling, so the problem must be somewhere in the rendering... EDIT: I forgot this is also my first post here so I hope I'm welcome, I've played various simulations over the years, mostly tanks and aircraft and I have to say SB looks like just about the best simulator there is when it comes to modern armor.
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