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  1. @DBoy: We might want to trade A12 and A13 to keep the same platoon setup as last time.
  2. I guess, I'll try my luck with a Stryker, this time... so, the most suitable position in A1, please. (I promise, not to kill all my dismounts within the first minutes, again ;-) )
  3. I might be able to join tonight, but don't count on it!
  4. B12, B13 (or B14), please. Anything else would be also OK, if this does not fit.
  5. I did not intend to criticize. The change is well justified in my opinion.
  6. More tutorials to complete until Sunday ... ;-) Nevertheless, the callsign is fine with me, as I prefer to stay on the IFV track.
  7. I will try to make it, but don't wait for me.
  8. I am very new to the game and community, myself. What I tried so far are the Sunday games organized by Kanium (KANIUM Game 2018-08-05). Those are rather large and organized (mil-sim) games. In addition, ad-hoc games seem to be primarily organized via Ad-hoc/Impromptu SB sessions. There are some more options, but I did not try those myself, yet.
  9. I would give an IFV a try. Preferably without command. If you prefer anything else, it is also fine with me.
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